Kejriwal to Rijiju: Don’t divide Indians between north, south


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday advised Kiren Rijiju not to divide Indians between regions, after comments by the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs that north Indians like to break rules.

“Rijiju ji, please don’t divide Indians into north and south Indians, Hindus and Muslims,” Kejriwal tweeted.


“All Indians are good. It is politics that we need to improve,” he said.

Congress leader, RS Surjewala also made statement on Kiren Rijiju’s comment.

At a function in Delhi on Wednesday, Rijiju  said that people of north India enjoy breaking the rules.

“I was witness to a statement made by one of Delhi’s former Lt. Governors. He had stated that people of north India enjoy breaking the rules and by evening he was forced to apologise. But I believe what he said was right,” Rijiju had said.

On Thursday, Rijiju sought to clarify his statement and said that it was being politicised.

“…what I said was that we all need to work together to remove the ills of the society,” he said. “I’d said crimes should not be given regional colour, concern for all, but some people wanted to politicise statement. If we wont worry about the state of society then how will we improve it?”


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