Israeli troops kill journalist as bullet penetrates through his chest in Gaza-Israel border


Israeli forces have killed a photo journalist after the deadly unrest erupted at the Gaza-Israel border. The health ministry in Gaza said that the journalist in question had been identified as Yasser Murtaja, a journalist with the Gaza-based Ain Media agency.

Journalist Yasser Murtaja ,lying on stretcher after being killed by Israeli soldiers

Israelis shot him dead despite the fact Murtaja was wearing a “press” vest. The photo of the journalist lying dead on a stretcher after being shot in the town of Khuzaa has now gone viral on social media platforms. Health officials in Gaza said that a bullet had penetrated the side of his chest and he died of his injuries in hospital on Saturday.

Israeli forces have killed 10 innocent Palestinians in their latest strikes against the victims of the former’s illegal occupation. 16 people were killed and hundreds of others wounded during offensive a week ago. Quoting Gaza’s health ministry, BBC reported that a 16-year-old boy was among those killed by Israeli gunfire, and that more than 1,300 other people were wounded.

27-year-old protester Samer told Reuters news agency, “Israel took everything from us, the homeland, freedom, our future. I have two kids – a boy and a girl – and if I die, God will take care of them.”

Thousands of Palestinians have been protesting demanding refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to ancestral homes in Israel. Dubbed “The Great March of Return”, the week-long protests have now seen 27 Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire, reported Sky News.

A spokeswoman for the UN high commissioner for human rights warned that, under international law, firearms could be used only in cases of extreme necessity, as a last resort and in response to an imminent threat of death or risk of serious injury. But, the Israelis have had the long history of showing utter disregard to the international laws and agencies.


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