Iran-Iraq earthquake: Deadly tremors kill more than 100


A deadly earthquake with 7.3-magnitude has killed more than 100 people at the Iran-Iraq border. Some reports coming from Iran said that at least 129 people had died in the western Iran’s Kermanshah province.


Six people have reportedly died in Iraq as the authorities suspected the death toll to rise.

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Mosques in Iraqi capital Baghdad have been saying prayers through loudspeakers, reported BBC. Iran’s emergency services chief, Pir Hossein Koolivand, told Iranian state television channel IRINN that many victims were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 15km from the border.

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The tremors were so powerful that they could be felt in Turkey, Israel and Kuwait.

The earthquake also triggered landslides in the mountainous region along the Iran-Iraq border, also destroying buildings, shattering windows and sending people running for safety.

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There have also been a number of aftershocks causing electricity supply to get disrupted in in several Iranian and Iraqi cities.


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