Delhi Assembly Session [Day-1 Updates]


– Debate on power struggle as Delhi Assembly begins emergency session.

– MHA notification was against the Constitution: Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM

– Delhi Assembly orders matter of case filed against Jarnail Singh and Police Commissioner Bassi’s statement declaring him absconding, be sent to privilege committee.

– Delhi Assembly adopts the motion to discuss the notification issued by MHA.

– BJP’s OP Sharma shunted out of Assembly by Marshals

– AAP MLA Somnath Bharti moves motion in assembly seeking assembly to declare the MHA notification unconstitutional and invalid.

– Resolution says MHA notification is an attempt to encroach the powers of Delhi assembly on the part of Centre Govt.

– Somnath Bharti moves motion in assembly, a private member resolution under rule 293 seeking assembly to declare the MHA notification invalid



  1. the twitter and fb of aap is very quite. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be something huge.
    after notification, aap suddenly went very quite as compared to before even the open cabinet. It feels like the calm before the storm, something is coming. stage is set for full statehood demand lets see how they approach it.
    this confrontation will clearly take AK to national stage where even paid media will find it very hard to ignore him.
    after this year, ak will probably start indulging in punjab more and then later after 2 years will get more involved in national topics.
    they will have to prove themselves on every stage. good thing they are honest so will be much easier for them to move forward, they dont have to worry about saving their asses while making moves.

  2. AAP SETS THE AGENDA, INDIA TO FOLLOW :- A constitutional post the Governors should be impartial. But it is often seen that the Governors are being used by the Traditional political parties in center to disrupt the states governed by the oppositions………………

    So AAP MLA Adarsh Shastri have taken a step further seeking constitutional amendment to allow impeachment of Jung. Through a resolution on the floor of the Assembly, Shastriji demanded amendments to Article 155 and 156 of the Constitution which deals with the appointment and term of office of the Governor’s post. Shastriji wanted to make a point various benches have hinted at a revamp of the federal structure of the Constitution as stated in Sarkaria Commission……………….


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