Controversy after Pakistan’s Chief Justice compares a good public speech to woman’s skirt


Pakistan’s Chief Justice Mian Saquib Nisar has courted a huge controversy after he compared a good public speech with that of women’s skirts.

Chief Justice

Speaking at a recent event in Pakistan, Nisar said, “I was told that a speech was like a woman’s skirt — not too long that one loses interest and neither too short that it doesn’t cover the subject.”

The video of Nisar making sexist remarks despite holding country’s most important constitutional post has now gone viral. Social media users wasted no time in condeming Nisar for his objectionable remarks.

User Amber Darr wrote, “Disgusting as it is, it is nothing compared to remarks he has made in judgments (eg Mukhtaran Mai) case. In person I have always found him to pleasant and proper but I am convinced he has some deep seated sexist views.”

Journalist Ahmad Noorani used hashtag #RespectWomen to write, “Here speaks a person who is Chief Justice of Pakistan.”

Another user Aman Pasha defended the Chief Justice arguing that he had merely borrowed what Winston Churchill had said many decades ago. He wrote, “It is not he, who has devised this particular phrase. In fact, he has burrowed it from English literature. Winston Churchill has used it on several occasions for specific purposes. Do you believe that Churchill was a sexist?”

The quote famously being attributed to Churchill goes something like this; “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”


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