Laughter while watching TV show cost this Australian MP dearly


An Australian MP laughed so much while watching a popular American TV programme that he knocked himself out.

Australian MP

Graham Perrett was watching Veep while eating eating sushi at home. According to Sky News, he “laughed at the wrong time” – causing him to choke on his dinner.

Perrett reportedly ran from his living room and “somehow hit the edge of my kitchen island”, knocking himself out.

The Labour MP was left with cuts to his face just underneath his left eye and required three stitches in hospital.

Perrett told ABC, ” It was very bad, a lot of pain and not much fun. My wife is still laughing…saying ‘you’re ridiculous.'”

Even the hospital staff found it hard to believe the reason for his accident as they thought the MP was hiding the real issue.

The MP said that when he described the accident to hospital staff as he believed “they were concerned that there was an issue”.

He said: “When I explained it to them I said it was a freak accident. Be careful if you’re eating watching a very funny TV show!”


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