“Don’t know if Kejriwal asked for proof on surgical strike, but we should not mistrust army”


Veteran social activist Anna Hazare has said that he disagreed with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, for asking Prime Minister to give a “befitting reply” to Pakistan over the surgical strike.

The former mentor of Delhi chief minister also said that it was not good to ask for proof of such actions and the army should not be mistrusted.

“I don’t know whether Kejriwal has said it or not. But we should not mistrust the army. I will condemn those who speak against army or doubt the army,”  Anna was quoted by news agency IANS.

Anna Hazare
Photo courtesy: ndtv

“Before doing surgical strike, our military generals and other people must have done some planning. So why will they lie on it? We should trust them. This matter is of army, the country and its citizen. In such talks, it’s not good to justify someone on it.

“They must have planned it. So how can we doubt them,” he added.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday had released a video message ‘praising’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi for cross border surgical strikes.

Kejriwal, however, had urged Modi to counter Pakistan’s propaganda claiming they never happened.

Kejriwal, who is often at loggerheads with the Centre, said he may have differences with the Prime Minister over several issues, but by undertaking the surgical strikes, Modi has shown the will to deal with Pakistan.

“Last week our army showed valour and avenged the deaths of 19 soldiers killed in the Uri attack. I may have differences with the Prime Minister over a 100 issues. But when he has shown the will (to deal with this matter), I salute him,” he said.

However, a day after Kejriwal released the video message, the BJP said his remarks amounted to “seeking proof” of the army action while the AAP hit back saying their rival party was playing politics.

Kejriwal too launched a counter attack asking why the saffron party was frustrated on his advice for the central government to counter Pakistani propaganda.

He said, “I’m sad..If we say we are with the government in combating terrorism and government must give befitting reply to Pakistan’s false propaganda, why is BJP frustrated?”

In a separate tweet, Kejriwal accused the BJP of twisting his video message.

He said, “BJP twisting my video.My humble appeal to BJP-“Its sensitive matter. Pl don’t play politics”. My response to BJP (sic).”

Party leader Sanjay Singh said, “The spokesperson of the UN Secretary General said that there was no surgical strike. Our prime minister must respond to these lies and give befitting reply to Pakistan…The prime minister must bring the truth in front of the world to silence our critics. What’s wrong did we say. Is praising the PM politics as alleged by the junior home minister?”




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