Ahmed Patel writes to Rajnath Singh on arrests of alleged terrorists


Veteran Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Ahmed Patel, has written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh demanding an impartial and objective probe into the arrests of two people for alleged ISIS links in Gujarat.

Ahmed Patel

He wrote, “I wish to bring to your notice the recent reports of the arrest of IS (Islamic State) operatives in South Gujarat… Matters of national security cannot be a prisoner of politics and neither should be reduced to baselessly maligning political opponents for petty electoral gains.”

Patel added, “We should rise above political differences in matters which involve national security. Framing terror charges must be done by law enforcement agencies and the judiciary and not by political leaders in press conferences from party headquarters.

“I call upon you…as the Home Minister of India to instruct relevant law enforcement agencies to take this investigation to its logical end in an impartial and objective manner. Your government has my unstinted support in this endeavour.”

This was after Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani sensationally demanded Patel’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha alleging that the hospital where one of the arrested suspects worked had Patel as one of the trustees. However, as first reported by Janta Ka Reporter, Patel had already resigned from the board of trsutees in September 2013.

Among those who’ve actively taken part in raising funds for the Sardar Patel Hospital was Hindu religious guru, Morari Bapu. The Congress on Sunday wondered if Morari Bapu too would be declared anti-national because of his active involvement with the hospital.

In a photo of Morari Bapu going viral on social media, the popular Hindu saint is seen attending a function organised to raise funds for the hospital.

Analysts say that Rupani’s latest claims smack of his nervousness ahead of the December elections. His government is facing considerable anger from the voters and the saffron party is developing cold feet on the prospects of losing the elections this time around.

By creating an ‘imaginary’ story and giving it a communal colour, Rupani and his party believe that this will help them polarise the votes since the BJP is struggling to explain the uncomfortable questions on the so-called Gujarat Model.


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