100 days of Arvind Kejriwal Government : Opinion Poll


Aam Aadmi Party’s Govt is all set to complete its 100 days in Governing Delhi. Vote for their performance in Delhi and choose the most appropriate option


  1. Keep it up. You will have to face lots of challenges and obstacles for true journalism. I hope you will soon be successful in Media industry.

  2. This sort of Honest journalism is like a breath of fresh air amidst the muck created by the presstitudes. Bravo!

  3. The reason you resigned last time was jan lokpal which u claimed everything was ready but bjp and congress did not allowed. after 100 days i get to know that the central govt have to give permission. When you guys knew this then why promise in first place? Aaam aadmi sabhi chez free me mangega, So free me sab kuch de doge? Real journalism, never saw any thing other than mouth peace of AAP.

    • They made sure they set up right procedures before officially implementing the law. They have curbed corruption extensively, increased ACB powers and capacity, increased the helpline capacity and functions.

      They are planning to bring the bill in the assembly in June session. Nobody cares what they said and do, all the people care about is that the most fundamental and basic changes needed are made and people can benefit directly from it.

      Today after 100 days, they have achieved more than modi’s 365 days. Now modi is an excellent politician and wants good for India too, but where he is failing as compare to AAP is realizing the problem. You cant hope for India to be a modern country when majority of population has no education has poor health services, has huge social problems.

      Te solution for these problems have to be made through the primary stage of governance, the most fundamental changes are needed.

      Farmers want to quit farming why? Industries doesnt mean progress, it is one section of the society, Farming needs to be strengthened with so many other things.
      Farmers have to be as proud on their job as a corporate businessman is.

      That’s where AAP takes leads, all they do doesn’t have to be correct and needs criticizing for the wrong stupid things AAP does, but the reason people, especially young educated people are supporting them is because they are working in the right direction and with right intentions.

  4. AAP govt under the leadership of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is doing a wonderful governance and it is the best till date on the Indian soil. Their intentions are clear. While most of the medias are run by the corporates & by the influence of major political parties for their selfish motives, we appreciate janatakareporter for your integrity and we are fully satisfied by your work that gives complete justice towards the mass media ethics. Once again kudos to janatakareporter organisation and all your respected selfless staff.

  5. Bole Jhooth Party (BJP) का असली चेहरा सामने आ गया है। कुछ पल के लिए ये सोचिए कि बीजेपी दिल्ली में सत्ता में आ जाती तो जनता का क्या हाल करती जो जनता के सबसे बड़े चेहरे के साथ ऐसा कर रही है। हमें तो परमात्मा का धन्यवाद करना चाहिए कि उसने दिल्ली को दोबारा ठगने से बचा दिया वरना देश को ठगने के बाद अब दिल्ली कि बारी थी।

  6. Hi Rifat , first of all I want to thank you for doing this honest journalism , we the youth of India support you completely , atleast you give us the real facts & news and not that made up shit , these channels think that the mango people of india are stupid & believe all the nonsense they show , no we dont , we all know what is / who is / to what extent someone is right . ‘ Sachaai ke raaste pe chalne mein takleef to hoti hai par jo uspe chalte hain vo Arvind Kejriwal bante hain ‘ aur aise logon ke saath vo upar vaala hota hai , so you just keep doing this good work , we all are with you 🙂 & WE ARE TOO HAPPY WITH OUR DELHI GOVERNMENT – AAP , they are doing very good , we believe in them , Delhi CM best CM !

  7. Well Done Janata Reporter! True Journalism. Continue to bring in Real Facts & Figures before the Janata. Which otherwise the paid media & TV channels refrain from doing so as to fulfill their ulterior motives, not at all democratic by them!

  8. which party whould the reporters from janatakareporter join? the fact that 92% are very satisfied is too good to be true. its like the elections won by the eygptian, and dictators from central asian countries.

  9. JNU Row: Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and 7 Others Booked on Sedition Charges, Police Say

    Telangana police recorded the FIR for the Congress vice president, Delhi chief minister and others based on a lawyer’s complaint over them visiting Jawaharlal Nehru University amid student protests.


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