Nothing wrong in discontinuing Indira and Rajiv stamps


Justice Markandey Katju

While I am no admirer of the BJP government, I see nothing wrong in its decision to discontinue the postage stamps bearing the pictures of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi was a power crazy woman who was willing to go to any extent to hold on to power. She imposed a fake ‘ Emergency ‘ in 1975 because the Allahabad High Court had held her guilty of corrupt election practice.

This fake ‘ Emergency ‘ resulted in great hardship to the Indian people. Tens of thousands who were critical of her were imprisoned on false charges, and many killed.

Rajiv Gandhi got the progressive and humanitarian Shahbano decision ( that a Muslim husband who divorces his wife must give her maintenance ) legislatively annulled.

He sent the Indian army to Sri Lanka for no good reason, which resulted in the death of several thousands of our soldiers.

So why should we honour such people ?

This blog first appeared on Justice Katju’s official page SATYAM BRUYAT.



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