Nothing wrong in discontinuing Indira and Rajiv stamps


Justice Markandey Katju

While I am no admirer of the BJP government, I see nothing wrong in its decision to discontinue the postage stamps bearing the pictures of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi was a power crazy woman who was willing to go to any extent to hold on to power. She imposed a fake ‘ Emergency ‘ in 1975 because the Allahabad High Court had held her guilty of corrupt election practice.

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This fake ‘ Emergency ‘ resulted in great hardship to the Indian people. Tens of thousands who were critical of her were imprisoned on false charges, and many killed.

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Rajiv Gandhi got the progressive and humanitarian Shahbano decision ( that a Muslim husband who divorces his wife must give her maintenance ) legislatively annulled.

He sent the Indian army to Sri Lanka for no good reason, which resulted in the death of several thousands of our soldiers.

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So why should we honour such people ?

This blog first appeared on Justice Katju’s official page SATYAM BRUYAT.



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