The tale of two Zakir Naik interviews by Times Now, audio goes viral


Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has released the audio of the two interviews that Times Now conducted with him over the phone soon after the controversy over whether he inspired one of Dhaka terrorists kicked in.

In the audio, the Times Now journalist, Megha Prasad, is heard speaking to the Mumbai-based scholar over the phone.

zakir naik times now

In the first interview, Prasad appears calm and composed while speaking to her guest and concludes the conversation on an amicable note.

However, as Naik’s office claims, Prasad called the Islamic scholar again to his hotel in Mecca in Saudi Arabia informing that ‘there’s been a major, major’ technical fault in the first interview requesting if she could record the same interview again.

Naik agreed to speak only to realise that her tone had dramatically changed this time.

Prasad sounds incredibly aggressive to her guest and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Naik.

Naik asks if the excuse to record the interview second time was because Prasad’s ‘superior’ didn’t like what the preacher had to say in the first interview. Naik even offers to provide the audio of his first interview to the channel because he had ‘recorded’ the conversation at his end.

Prasad insists on re interviewing.

The second interview ends amidst a heated exchange between Naik and Prasad. This after the Times Now journalist provocatively asks him if he was able to sleep fine despite inspiring people to kill innocents.

This provokes Naik to demand an apology from the journalist asking how she was able to sleep despite indulging in unethical means in her journalism. Prasad refuses to apologise, thereby bringing the conversation with Naik to an abrupt end.

You can listen to both the interviews here.


  1. Ban Times Now! Strip the bigots Arnab Goswami and Megha prasad and the entire team of their journalism degrees. Such people can stop to any level to lick the boots of their paymasters.

  2. Audios looks fake, i think zakir naik is trying to create some stories to get support from muslim community by playing religion card.

    • Hahaha. It’s not fake. If it would be fake,there would have been so much halla gullla by Times Now, Their silence speaks a lot here

    • wow, All you hear from Arnab is real and Zakir naik is fake. Use some brain or your are bhakt who heart is burning because after watching Peace TV hindus are converting to Islam.

      • There is a lot of stupidity at the Times now level, but even more at Zakir Naik’s level. The one’s who believe in Arnab’s stories are a bit short in IQ, but those who believe that the drama shown in Zakir Naik’s speeches (where people dramatically convert etc) are absolute idiots.

        • Forget what happens in Zakir Naik’s speeches brother. The question of journalistic integrity is still there- did she record two interviews and why the change in tone ? I myself listened to Dr. Naik’s later press conference and what Arnab derived out of it- I can clearly see Arnab lying through his teeth even about the last news conference (he accused Dr. Naik of supporting the recent Paris attack)…he never said that, and I have read a transcript of his speech where it states he said the opposite.

          So you may not agree with Dr. Naik, thats fine. But don’t call make an innocent man a terrorist supporter or inspirer!

    • Very truly said. Only fake photoshops by BJP RSS chaddi gang is true. Idiot…. How do u even sleep after trying to create communal tensions with false propaganda?

    • would you say the same if in the audio Zakir naik was cornered???? its an open auido submitted by Dr. Naik. if it is fake Times Now would have sued him by now….. apply some common sense.

    • Brilliant!!! Good analysis Mr. …didn’t know audios look fake or sound fake!!! Sad but true…that this is what is expected now from most…when the truth is out!!Dr. Naik doesn’t need to play dirty…or any cards to gain support…when he already has enuf fans for being clean!! Really sad!! May the almighty guide us all!!

    • Mr ashok Patil zakir Naik he already have not only Muslim even Hindu and other religions support the news media is fake not his audios

    • You never & don’t want to believe but truth prevails.
      The tirade against zakir is only the long awaiting frustration from Hindu bigots who don’t want to see him preaching truth. He deals only with non Muslims this is the main reason. You are worried becoz he is doing gharwapasi.
      There are many people in the list of RSS to whom it want to eliminate, using power to harass & curb/suppress the voice.
      There is a history the more you suppress the more it emerges. Why don’t you arrange a meeting with all your pundits & contractors of Hinduism like yogi, bhagwat etc to prove him wrong. Talk to Ram Jethmalani & other intellectuals you’ll come to know what conspiracy is going on.

      • Truth? Watch him closely enough and you would realise that he speaks at least one lie in every sentence. For those who believe in him, I only have my sympathies. Zakir Naik is dangerous, not because he is a terrorist or because he converts (I think both of these are not true. He is dangerous because he is leading to an absolute brainwashing of the already half blind muslim community in India and the neighbouring countries.

        • Have you ever watched his speech? Don’t show your anger in a clueless complaint. Times now has to apologize for creating a rumor against a scholar.

    • wow, All you hear from Arnab is real and Zakir naik is fake. Use some brain or your are bhakt who heart is burning because after watching Peace TV hindus are converting to Islam.

      Bastard dog of vhp

    • ashok patil.. then ask megha Prasad to produce the original audio…get the forensic test done to confirm if real. If you want get this audio to a forensic lab and test its authenticity..

  3. This exposed Times Now. I have never liked this channel but nowadays i have started hating this channel. This channel is trying to malign almost everyone.

  4. Dr Zakir is an honest person, he loves his country and never ever preached violence. Most of the media is biased. you cannot find single lecture out of his thousands of lectures where he preaches violence or terrorism.

    • Yes. Naik never preached violence. He is an internationally recognised Islamic Scholar. All sensible muslims have regard for him. It is nefarious to implicate him. .

  5. whenever I saw programmes on times now I noticed that the entire team of times now is always busy in propagating the ideology of sangh parivar and this channel always spread lies and hatred….

    these are nothing but cheaters

  6. Bloody these paid media channels should be banned because they are throwing the country towards dark by diverting the actual cause which should be addressed for the country development . How many times have they took stand for black money , poverty , corruption , education system , wonen safety, etc etc..
    Instead they want people to fight on religion which is going to divide the country for the benefit of political vote bank.

  7. Lets be realistic. Dr Naik is being accused of inciting hatred and hate speech, then modi should be tried in international criminal court for the killings, rape and burning of thousands of innocent people in gujrat in 2003.

    • Dude, if he is accused of hatred and hate speech, he would have on the national news years ago. In his debates and lectures not only muslims, there are hindus and christians, even his students are non muslims too. You should do triple checks your facts bro. Check his youtube videos. If you find out a single one please post a link here.

  8. A bogus channel ,Arnab Gosami a very low cheap journalist surprised how and why people watch this channel n unnecessary increase TRP

  9. Indian Muslims, Hindus and Christian should proud of Dr. NAIK that he studied their religion and shown them reality and path to peace. Life of every human is short and God created human for certain purpose and if some one show real path they should thanks him thousand time. Since media is tricky. I request all indian public whichever religion they follow should stand with Dr. Naik. He is honest person I personally pray from my heart That Allah may protect him and give Hidaya to others. Today’s this selfish world no one show real path which can lead to heaven

    • My brother if one is convincing enough he or she can make fairytale so seem real. Oh I’ve heard his speeches. A total blend of twisted lies with a dash of some truth hear and there. Listen to his speeches and do your own research. Blind faith is always harmful.

    • But there are multiple speeches where he has insulted other religion practises. It is this very nature of his speeches which has resulted in uproar. Each person has the right to practice their religion the way they wish to. Why does he try to constantly convince people that their way of worship is wrong. Other religions have their own priests for teaching their followers the true meaning of their scriptures. Why has Mr. Naik taken it upon himself to teach people of other religion as well the true meaning of their scriptures. He should stick to his own. It is disrespectful to other religions. Also; he uses multiple hypothetical situations to rationalize his opinion. Why does he use so many imaginative situations. He considers suicide bombing to be an okay thing to do under specific conditions. He thinks every anti social element should be terrorized of a Muslim. That makes no sense. I have a lot of muslim friends and nobody wants their son to terrorize anybody for that matter. There is a reason we have judiciary. If everyone were to go about terrorizing anti social elements ;there would be utter chaos in the society. Even if his intentions are good;he needs to speak with more clarity because a lot of people take his speeches at word value. He is old enough to know that some sensitive issues need to be spoken about with more responsibility and maturity.

      • Dear Shaila

        Zakir Naik has always stressed that the essence of all religions is the same – eg: Idol worship is sin,Associating Partners to God is sin etc. He only mentioned that the way they follow it is wrong. He has estabished these facts from other scriptures like Veda, Bible etc. However Hindus and Christians and even some Muslims do idol worship and Shirk which against the real teachings of these faiths. This is what Zakir Naik has always tried to pointed out. These are explained in detials in his Speech ‘Similarities between Hinduism and Islam’ and “Concept of God in Religions”. Moreover he always has exhorted the followers of different religions to come to Common Platform by forgetting the differences and accepting the Similarities. This is so important for Universal Brotherhood and Humanity. If you watch more and more of his videos you will understand that.

  10. Already Bangladesh banned Zakir Naik TV. Questioning Zakir Naik rather than Arnav is like telling Islam is religion of peace

  11. Magha prasad could have asked the 1st interview which dr Zakir Naik have recorded it.any logical person will know that the 1st interview was not liked by her boss may be arnub gosamy

  12. Bjp govt should ban times now. If they don’t people are watching and they will potentially conclude that times now is BJP CHANNEL

  13. I do believe Dr. Zakir promotes anti terrorism. I have heard many of his speeches which helped me to even advise others the importance of loving human being. I am also hearing speeches from scholars from other religions as well. I never heard Dr. Naik attacking other religions, instead he was establishing not only Islam but other religions also asking to worship one God and against idol worship by reciting versus from their holy books.If he’s giving wrong versus, then the scholars from other religions can argue it, clarify it. We are living in the most modern era, all of us well educated. Why we are being so narrow minded in thoughts & action? We should accept everybody. After all these things are being followed by every individual on their own belief to get the heaven after their death. It cannot be shared by others as it is totally a personal matter. Let’s love each other, unite for the country and for our brothers & sisters.

    • He claims to have read other religion scriptures and tries to point out religious malpractices. That is exactly how a religious rift is created in the society. One scholar cites quotes and misinterprets them. Then the head from the other side tries to explain the real meaning. It only results in Division of the society. If Mr. Naik has the right to practice his religion the way he wants to so do others. What finally matters is faith. People should stop trying to prove one religion is superior and mire evolved than the other. Let people decide how they want to pray. Idols are made of mud. So is the moon.

      • Muslims don’t worship the moon.
        Saying that people of one religion shouldn’t rationally criticize another religion doesn’t make sense. it is your insecurity with your own religion is compelling you to tell this. Every human being has a right to point out the superstitions in the society. Otherwise Hindus will be still practicing Sati.

      • You have a very simplistic view about this. It isn’t wrong to discourse off your religious teachings to start idol worship, to each their own, but it isn’t wrong to point this out either. If you feel hurt by his views of your religion, it suggests you don’t have much to back up your stance. If you had proof otherwise, you would just dismiss his claims. For example, I just dismiss Naik’s claims about scientific accuracy in The Koran, because actual science doesn’t match the scripture so he twists scientific facts to fit in properly. Anyone from a biology background and an ubiased view will agree with me.

        Coming to your point about him creating a rift in society, totally disagree. Having watched his very many speeches, I have never once felt that something he said might widen the gap between cultures/peoples. The job he’s taken up is to prove that his scripture is the final word of God and for all humanity and the others are outdated, if his “followers” feel all other religions are somehow inferior, it’s not upto him to stop making them feel that way.

        And I should say some religions actually are more evolved than others. As we humans slowly raise our bar for morality higher and higher, our religions have gotten more moral. You can’t compare say buddhism, for example, with the pagan religion of the viking age. According to our moral standards of today, buddhism would be much more “evolved”.

        All in all, although Naik talks out his ass when it comes to Islam and science, I don’t believe he’s a harmful speaker and his right to free speech should not be curtailed because someone feels “hurt” by what he says.

  14. Hahahahah this guy who took interview of modi recently sayin us to believe him and his media,..chamcha hai tu suchme….ur whole news network is based onn lies and fake ua won’t ever show truth!!! Change ur news name to #bjpkarepoter

  15. Why TimesNow Alone Is into this chapter,Other Media they don’t even have a single Headline. It mean they know Mr.Zakir Naik Is Clean. Arnab Goswami an double standard who is just a shame to whole journalist community.He was so Dumped infront of Mr.Modi some days back his voice was so shivery.Now he shouts like anything without a single proof by just having a single moto of defaming Dr.Zakir, Its a test for us. Will be Supporting & standing for our rights.

  16. I was a viewer of times now all these days. After seeing these false allegations on Dr Zakir Naik, I feel sorry for having trusted this channel all these days. How many lies, Oh My God! Dr. Zakir Naik is a honest n truthful person. He is showing all of humanity the right path. He is clearing misconceptions in people’s mind regarding Islam. He is knowledgeable and just. No one on earth has so much knowledge of three major religions – Christianity, Hinduism n Islam.
    Dr. Zakir Naik is neither banned in Malaysia nor Canada nor Indonesia. It is a blatant lie by times now channel. DR. Zakir Naik is neither rattled nor is he in Double Trouble. Times Now just wants to create sensationalism.
    Times Now has to be stopped from spreading rumours n falsehood. This channel needs to be sued. They are defaming Dr. Zakir Naik, a defamation case needs to be filed again’t this channel.

  17. Dear all with the respect of all religious emotions I must say that all Islamic preachers always trying to violate our nation coz they’re not that much of educated person. They need to understand what is islam. Islam is a good religious, but all the Islamic preachers use there relions to creating some disturbance in worldwide. That’s why all the Islamic country is effected by terrorism & trying to violate the global environment. In that time why you people are kept quite no one raise there voice from Islamic society. I must say all the terrorist are belong from Muslim society. You can see the picture of ceria, Iraq,Iran,Saudi Arabian country’s, Afghanistan & Pakistan . You must say all the Islamic country in the world is effected by terrorism in present & past & future also. Dr. Nayk must have a digree but he miss used that educational knowledge to create the trp for his channel to worldwide uneducated Muslim community. Be a Indian don’t support him. The news channel might be made some big mistake to showing some fake things but true is that 99% of Muslim community involvement in the terrorist activities.

    • Thanks for you lengthy advise Bindu.. untill unless if you are having a complete knowledge on particular thing u should speak…I hope u r educated please I suggest u to listen the debates of zakir naik and point out any statement which may lead to’s your fault being so called educated u donno your Scriptures properly u should be thankful to zakir naik that he giving some knowledge to you of your religion .. rather being a Muslim community analyst giving percentages better show your analyst skills on RSS..Reading books it doesn’t mean educated use brain be mature….

    • Don’t say all terrorists are fron muslims….hitler ..stalin…ashoka…bhagat singh…raj guru…were not muslims.

    • Brother/Sister, I’ll really appreciate that you have taken a time to express your thoughts about Islam. I just want to know things. How can you say “99% of Muslim community involvement in the terrorist activities”? From where you get this information? Every one of us thinking that the someone in news channels speaking the truth and the exposing a major community as a terrorists. Every Muslim must follow quraan. You must read quraan. You can come to know what Islam says about terrorism. Once after going through all these come to the conclusion as if the Muslims are involving terrorism or the terrorists who are being named as Muslims. Even though there is no clue to prove Dr. Zakir Naik speeches expressing his speech terrorism. He didn’t even suppress any one’s belief. He’ll prove what’s in quraan and in other vedaas or in other holy books. Please don’t impose a whole muslim community as terrorist by watching such stupid medias. Please think from both the sides. I’m sorry if my words hurt you in anyway.

  18. Times now always a crap, they are shame on the name of journalism. Whenever i hear arnab he always biased and he never talk from middle. he never let people to talk. what the fuck he think himself. duty of journalist is to be honest, portray the truth, but what they doing in the name of journalism. shame on times now.

  19. Seek is the Truth and Truth shall free You
    Dr. Zakir Naik is the messenger of peace Join the mission of Peace. Watch Peacetv and get Guided to the straight path.

  20. Please check in Wikipedia Arnabs relatives from father side and mother side they all fought election for BJP. It means he got all his roots ancistors from BJP.

  21. terminate times now from the media world and punish owner of times now and arnab goswami(intellectual mastubator) along with other small insects of that channel

  22. in this world…. how can we have faith in media?
    like this double personality of media…. shame shame shame shame

  23. Earlier Raj Thackery warned Goswami to refrain from this kind of malicious activities of making a pickle of nothing for his TRP. Now i wish Mr Thackery teach him a lesson practically.

  24. Both Zakir Naik and Times Now hate Modi…
    Good to see that they are fighting each other …

    Modi haters cannot go hand in hand

  25. May be those bangladeshis were inspired by our bollywood movies. where we show extreme violence. You know what, those many recent rapes in north india too were inspired by bollywood movies i think.

  26. Go swamy ghar ku go chalejaav aur times now ban karo peace tv nai

    Sharm ana chayiye aise falthu media ki baath lene vali sarkaar kobhi

    Jakeer naik 100% hai Allah se hum gava hai

    Yaa Allah jakeer ji ko ifajath farma

  27. The biggest enemy of mankind is media! !!! They easily make hero in to vilan and vilan in to hero bt zakir naik always remain hero for us long life zakir naik we’re with you..


  29. Shame on Times Now…Arnab is proven as the biggest liar in the face of this earth..Shame on you Arnab…this clearly exposes your pay master now…Let’s start boycotting this channel


  31. Zakir Naik says that he doesn’t support the murder of innocent people but who is innocent and who is not according to Zakir Naik.

  32. Ask same question to modi poudhi…how he can sleep after killing so many innocent people in gujrat.
    First of all. Naik said in his previous interview. If anyone want to do his interview then come to his office. He and we knew how these kind of journaliste can make their own TR.
    If tomorrow i come to janta and kill their reporters then my reason will goto behind naik’s video….please go and drink a cold water.

  33. If Mr.Zakir Naik need to be arrested for preaching Islam and Righteous to the humanity.
    What are these people like BJP, Shivsena,Bhajrangdal,VHP,RSS and Sangparivar and many more considered to be spreading venom in the heart of the each and every citizen of india. Will they considered to be the god fathers.
    As far the media like TIMES NOW is concerned they will follow what their godfathers want to be.
    Till last i used to watch TIMES NOW closely and now i realise when the money is funded people like Aranab Goswani go down to cheap level. And listen to their god father’s .

  34. Times Now is one of the corrupted media in our country. They revealed their double standard now and it should be contempt. They lost credence ability among the people.They r not worth to be an Indian media.

  35. TOI Times Now Arnab Goswami is a RSS+BJP Brahman Janata Party media agenta. The ruling Govt has invested on him to lay the foundation for the Common Civil Code based on Zakir Naik & Manusmriti. The communal Manusmriti which preaches that Brahman the upper cast should discriminate the lower caste Shudra Muslims on the following principals: In Hinduism no one can be converted to high caste BRAHMAN, they are converted as low cast SHUDRA. MANUSMRITI says: No collection of wealth to be made by Shudra even though he may be able to do it. Brahmin can take Shudra’s property by force. (Manusmriti X,129). Brahman can have 4 wives, Kshatriya can have 3 wives , Vaishnava can have 2 wives, Shudra cant have more than 1. (Aitreya Veda, Brahma VIII, 29 page 201). The tongue of Shudra who spoke evil about Brahman should be cut off (Apastamba Dharma Sutra II/10-26. Those who are with stinking conduct they will enter a stinking womb, either the womb of a dog or the womb of a swine or womb of Shudra (Chandogya Upanishad 5-10-7) Shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying Vedas (Brahma Sutras More on google Why Dr.Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti. Due to Brahmins discrimination of Shudra Hindus converted in 550Bc to Jainism, in 500Bc to Budhism, 712Ad to 1700 to Islam and after British rule to Christianity. Budhism was born in India but Brahmans stamped it out of India. From Sri Lanka to Japan Budhism spread but Hinduism was confined to India and its borders.

  36. Shameless journalism where they allege a person on an agenda set by the vicious mind. Megha must be playing under the strings from the yelling journalist called arnab

  37. Sorry,to all gayise . I am writting in hindi.
    Mere hisab se kisi bhi dharm majhab pe coments karna bewakufi hi nahin balki kamaqli ki nishani hai.
    Chahe wo koi chainel wale hon ya fir koi leader ho ya fir wo kisi bhi sanstha se juda hua ho wo sab k sab gadhe hain .are word fight karni hai to desh ke andar kitni garibi hai,lakhon log bhukhe sote hain ispe bahas koi nahi karega aur na hi us cheej pe manthan krega jisse desh ki bhalai ho bhukh-aur gareebi is desh ki aham mudda hai na ki hindu hindustani hain aur muslim terrist or pakistani hain.hindu pig khata hai aur muslim beaf .are gadhhon ye sab bekar ki cheejen sab cheejon se sirf aur sirf nafrat paida hoga aur kuch nahin.
    Inssano ki paidais hai humari ,insaan hi bane rahe to behtar hai .her ek insaan ko apna khoon samjho.
    Jeewan aur maut ye do hi sach hai baki sab jhootha .

  38. Honestly speaking,
    after this incident i started watchin his videos on youtube and thereby started loving him. Awesome he talks with reason and logics. Many of my hindu friends have also started watching his videos. Hope they will know the truth.
    Allah says in quran that people plan and plot and he is the best of planners.
    medias have started propogating against him now. we should not feel bad about it. It may be for good. As i changed a lot after watching after this incident. Let the world watch and decide who is truthful.
    truth wins and falsehood by its nature bound to perish says quran.
    with due respect to all the people with differnt faiths.

  39. Megha Prasad, shame on you how can u face your kids and what kind of teachings are u giving to them… This is pre planned interview by Times Now, and by BJP…targeting Mr. Nail, Shame shame shame on u Megha parsad


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