Rajdeep Sardesai’s epic reply after Arnab Goswami targets Sagarika Ghose causing misogynistic trend on Twitter


Saturday saw quite a lot of activity on Twitter after Times Now’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, launched an open war of sorts against his detractors through an open letter.

Taking an unusual step to write an open letter, Arnab sought to clarify why his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasn’t a fixed match.

Among other things, he also took a dig at journalist Sagarika Ghose by calling her a ‘has been anchor,’ who, according to him, lobbied to be on his show Newshour in the past.

Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose
Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose

He wrote, “One of them, a has-been anchor who desperately lobbies for an opportunity to be invited on my Newshour debates, even put out a tweet asking why the prime minister chose to give an interview to me and not hold a press conference. Embarrassed by the angry reactions, she deleted the tweet later.”

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This led to right-wing Twitter users to cause a trend, an overwhelming majority of the users on the microblogging site found it in poor taste. Hashtag #ArnabSlapsSagarika was widely deemed as misogynistic.

Responding to Arnab’s allegation and jibe against her, Sagarika tweeted, “Oh my! What a lot of tu tu main main on Twitter at the mo. Enjoy people, we “has-beens” better go back to our Horlicks & Agatha Christie.”

Many users tagged her husband and renowned journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, for a comment. But, known for his chivalry, Rajdeep decided to ignore the perceived dirty Twitter campaign allegedly launched by the BJP’s social media team.

However, Rajdeep’s two-liner response came as a killer.

In response to a Twitter user, he said, “Not at all. They and their glorified hero (Arnab) have revealed their mindset. Let them continue.”

Known for signing off with a couplet from famous Bollywood tracks, Rajdeep chose the following lines on Saturday night, “Nafrat karne Walon Ke seene mein pyar bhar doon, mein woh parwana hoon pathar ko mom kar doon.. Gnight, shubhratri”


  1. I don’t watch Dagarika Ghose’s TV shows but sometimes read her articles in TOI. Problem with her is that she has a highly prejudiced mind and thinks high of herself. I had to stop watching Goswamy shows too because everyone, more than them Goswamy himself keeps shouting so loudly that I can’t understand who is talking what !!! But yes, his interview of PM was excellent and knowing our PM’s personality and his capacity to remember things and talk O any subject at any moment without a piece of paper, I can’t even think that it was a pre-fixed interview.

    • Sir have u ever watched modi interview with karan thapar ?…talk o any subject at any moment without a piece of paper…LOL

      • Bro, get out of that moment.

        I can hold same interview with you and you will also react that way and then I will put that video in social media. How about that humiliation? It was a planned interview to jab him with accusations.

    • There is no difference in anchor of the show and the others on the show.
      They don’t have the patience to listen others views.It is like a market place.
      They may think that it will increase the view an ship but works in Opp direction.

  2. Rajdeep Sardesai too is as good as any other pseudo journalists who speaks about intolerance and secularism that suits to their likings.
    Check his comments on intolerance in BBC in the year 2012.
    If these type of journalists can define and take a stand on their own on secularism and intolerance what harm is there in Arnav taking his own!?
    Don’t try to brainwash people with views you adopt. But, define and speak out the truth. If you are truly rational I am with you, ready to take on Arnav or whoever it be. Till then don’t try to brainwash me.
    I can put some questions to you which I know you will evade through diplomatic reply. Never will you give a direct reply.

  3. All these heroes or zeros are old friends, some journalists are fixated and prejudiced, rather than getting into mud slinging and playing to the gallery, it is important to note that Arnab Managed the scoop that many of them could not, we commoners had at least chance to hear Mr Modi out on wide array of subjects, that otherwise is confined to his radio address(Man Ki Bat).Many of these journalists vying for Rajya Sabha seats,left no chance to defame Modi but they are yet not ready to swallow the bitter pills that voters have served them by electing Mr Modi to top Job, it is time that they change their mindset and criticize Modi for his policy rather than for his personality or any other considerations. Modi is apolitical as PM is even well acknowledged by his critique like Nitish, Mamta and Naveen Patnayak, what do u expect of a PM in Indian Federal system…………..

  4. Rajdeep, Sagrika Ghosh, Karan Thapar & Ravesh Kumar are valuable assets of Journalistic profession. Wish trolls spare them of the unnecessary & frivolous critcism

  5. If biased , left-bred anti-nationals like Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose can become TV journalist and manipulate every discussion to suit their personal whims , there is no doubt why Congress had always kept their own bred barking loyalists…These nefarious lots are not getting their piece of bones and state sponsored trips abroad..and, the result is that they are perpetually barking..

  6. By all standards, it was an interview that was conducted with elan, dignity and deference due to a PM. Those who think otherwise clearly have their agendas. Both Arnab and PM Modiji made it so worthwhile to listen to the interview till the very end because of the number of issues covered and the fantastic replies of our grand orator. hats off to both! the rest is piffle, evoked by the bored and the envious…

  7. It was a fantastic interview conducted with grace and dignity. The PMs replies too covered a gamut of issues and every citizen concerned about the nation felt proud and heartened. The rest is all piffle, worth ignoring.

  8. Indeed the interview was great. Mr Goswami has covered all the issues in a measured way and the Prime Minister response was spontaneous. In fact there wasn’t any hidden agenda. Unlike some journalists who would ask questions only to pull down and show the person in poor light by emphasizing non issues and trying to put their word in the mouth aka Mr Karan Thapar, Mr Arnold Goswami was honest and dignified enough to stick to relevant issues and had the patience to hear the Prime Minister out making it one of the best interviews.

  9. Indeed the interview was great. Mr Goswami has covered all the issues in a measured way and the Prime Minister response was spontaneous. Unlike some journalists who would interview with a know all attitude Mr Goswami stuck to relevant issues and didn’t have any hidden agenda to embarrass the Prime Minister or didn’t try to put his words in Prime Minister’s mouth aka a Karan Thapar and had the patience to hear out the Prime Minister. Jibes, negative reactions are all common as they come out due to professional short comings.

  10. I think the Arnab Goswami, kmown for his acuemen in asking the tough questions, proved to ba damp squib. What happened to the agressive Arnab? He wasted the opportunity of questioning the PM on the major scams of Vypam and Dmat, The oil and gas scam in Gujarat. The KGBasin scam etc. Arnab also didnt sak why he was silent on the lose cannons in his party. This was an opportunity lost.

  11. So called secular and intellectual media like rajdeep suffers from actually inferiority complex. Best way to treat the m was to ignore them. I have been doing since they misprojected people of Gujarat by projeing it bad, and insulting Gujarat by disapproving or doubting leaders elected by Gujrat.
    They are not worth any attention.

  12. Arnab Goswamy is excellent anchor and always try to keep control in panel discussions.Difficult to keep control opportune Politicians.honestly and in effective way. I see his every debate.Nice gracious and courageous anchor.We salute him for his bold and transparent job.

  13. Arnab has his credibility intact unlike many others like yours too.Aren’t you mouthpiece of AAP why hide biases?

  14. It was a fixed got up match….arnab should be thankful to Modiji who could tolerate him so long just because arnab hails from a family of bjp workers. This fact should be known to people.

  15. i used to thought that times now is neutral channel with transparent journalism but when i watch the debates on topic related to aam aadmi party and arvind kejriwal the way he conduct the debate is quite biased and more like a bjp stooge, any channel may have different perception and have full right to support they want to but try to display your own perception in media as journalist ?? raises a big question …now question is how one can fully trust on media if their news is biased and fully staged? every one knows about the zee media (except bhakts) that they openly announced themselves as bhakts of bjp so educated ones do not watch these channels. and thats what arnab goswami doing resulting him in loosing credibility as a journalist..

    • Yes ppl like sagarika,rajdeep etc are the epitome of journalism…Atleast arnab covers every important issues in his debate and have seen him blasting BJP,congress,aap alike…your definition of ‘credibility’ needs to be defined properly in the context

  16. Asking the PM to appear for an open unscripted press conference isn’t seeking exclusive favours & certainly not intellectually disjointed. And as Modi hasn’t confirmed if there will be any exclusives to other channels, therefore it’s intellectually dishonest for Arnab to write it as the first. It should be noted Modi has appeared twice on his & none at anywhere else so the charge of quid pro quo is valid. And Arnab didn’t follow up any questions which is something he knows therefore didn’t find it fit to even mention. There’s lots he could have spoken but didn’t like Mallya, Lalitgate etc but that may be asking too much. And it’s not just sikular journos but even BJPs attacker in chief Swamy who saw it fit to call him. Modi’s spokesman. What then? Any exclusive interview will invite reactions from foreign govts but that’s irrelevant to the charges on Arnab. Hes being very dishonest & defensive here. He’s been rattled like never before. Seems like he’s been caught in the act!

    • For your information Lalitgate and Malaya case was just a hyper projection of these pseudo journalists or more accurately Modi Hater Brigade’s out of proportion stories to defame Modi, which they are doing since 2002 but failing every time. Even their failure to defame under the rule of anti Modi party i.e. Congress, who itself did not leave any stone unturned to hang Modi, could not teach them a lesson. Had there been a pint of truth in their stories, Modi would have been hanged by Congress, because they were having all agencies under their control and even CBI chief was a caged parrot (as per observation given by court) for Congress. Can’t people like you (probably blindfolded by another pseudo charisma created by blatant lies of AAP OR/AND their illegitimate offspring #AAPtards ) even think or see rationally ?

  17. Arnab says PMs go to channels with highest viewership. Wrong . Arnab went to PM to stop the falling TRPs of Times Now . The TRPs fall when u are seen to be prejudiced and biased and appear to have a hidden agenda .

    Despite the pretence of sobriety and etiquette which according to Arnab are needed while interviewing PM, it is clear that he has brought disgrace to the profession of journalism.

    It would be better if he takes the plunge and joins BJP .

  18. Not sure what was “Epic” in this tweet… There is only one journalist who enjoys his journalism by being honest and he is Arnab.. All others are just routing for an opportunity to attack others…

  19. Byline of this article says everything, dare to reveal the name. To JKR staff – this is not epic reply, not at all.

  20. By his comment “across the world, the first exclusive interviews are given to anchors and channels who command viewership” and “not to those who nobody watches”, Arnab hit the nail.

  21. Modi claimed himself as the chowkidaar but Mallya who was in RS courtesy BJP left the country in broad daylight and the chowkidaar looked the other way. Looking the other way while harm happens to nation is not new to him though.

    As for Arnab, he shouldn’t be rattled if some journo asks the PM to come up for a press conf. It’s totally uncalled for to call her names. Shows what low class & thin skinned he really is.

    India’s institutions aren’t exactly symbols of probity and the rich & powerful always get away. By your logic, even Vadra isn’t in jail even though it’s Modi govt out there. Rest assured he wont and stop pretending to be asleep.

  22. We need more journalists like Arnab and less like Rajdeep. We need more news papers like DAWN and less like Indian express, Aaj taak etc.

    The reason I say DAWN of Pakistan is that it is focused more on issues rather than ideology. It showed extremely good pictures of 2016 Yoga day celebration, while I still have to find an Indian Newspaper with similar pictures.

  23. Rajdeep, Sagrika, Barkha & Karan Thapar have lost their credibility on account of their bias. After the emergence of social media their biased views are thrashed by netizens. Only if they try to do their job impartially, they can gain credibility after some time.


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