Modi, Shah enjoyed Diwali party with journalists even as Delhi witnessed ‘Emergency’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi played host to another memorable evening with ‘like-minded’ journalists on Thursday even as Delhi remained confined to the siege of an undeclared ’emergency’ following the tragic death of a soldier over OROP.

Modi, who was joined by his party president, Amit Shah, met a group of visibly awe-struck journalists at the BJP headquarters as part of his annual Diwali Milan meet.

The inaugural Diwali meet in 2014 had gained considerable media attention because of journalists’ fight for selfie with the prime minister.

Modi shaking hand with Sudhir Chaudhary, editor of pro-central government Zee News. Both are visibly pleased to meet each other!

Modi was mobbed by journalists who had then fought with each other to take a selfie with the ‘rockstar’ prime minister of India.

“I wanted to host this event around Diwali, but I was indisposed. It’s good that it is happening now or else we would have had to wait till Christmas,” he had jested.

Modi is seen making important point to India Today journalist Rahul Kanwal, Aaj Tak’s Managing Editor, Supriya Prasad and ABP’s Managing Editor, Milind Khandekar

This year, the BJP had made meticulous arrangements to avoid public ‘fight’ among journalists for a selfie with Modi. The journalists stood in queues as Modi went past them shaking hands and at times making important observations.

Today’s event took place when Delhi is witnessing an unprecedented law and order situation. A JNU student has been missing for 19 days and the police, which reports to Modi government, has been incapable of finding his whereabouts.


On Wednesday, an army veteran had committed suicide in the national capital over their long demand on OROP. His death was followed by police crackdown on opposition leaders, who went to visit the family members of the victim.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party and cabinet colleagues were kept in detention for several hours.

Selfie time with Amit Shah

Rahul was detained even on Thursday even as Modi enjoyed his evening with his trusted lieutenants in Indian media fraternity.

Quoting sources, Economic Times recently reported that Modi had suggested to his ministers to use the festival to reach out to the media and even talk informally to reporters about the work being done in their ministry.

Many would find Thursday’s party as another example of the central government’s indifference to soldiers’ suffering.

(Photos: Gaurav Pandhi)


  1. if what you are writing is journalism,then seriously our journalism that is journalism in India is in a premature shape.I don’t even have to read between the words.It is all clearly visible,it is straight an opposition to the center,no matter whether it is wrong or right.I mean its not journalism,its a straight agenda,not even close to sarcasm,i haven’t voted for BJP yet in the 4 elections that i voted for(MCD,Delhi assembly twice and general) but your writing your reporting,don’t be zee news or ndtv which shows a single agenda.

  2. Secl murdabbad … Gm pandey murdabad .. Bahar ghumne se fursat nai .. Jbb se modiji ki govn Bani sirf log beghr hore.. Adani ko spprt hora..hae hae Bjp
    . AGr modi ji ko sharm hai to aae or dhekhe kya horha hai surguja mai sirf vote magne aate hai


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