India has whopping 399 news channels, says I&B official data


Indian media has for long lacked ethics and constantly received condemnation for biases and explicit propaganda in favour of the ruling party in recent times. But, this hasn’t deterred the individuals or corporate houses with abundant cash to launch news channels that they can call their own.

Many of you may not be aware, but India now has just one short of 400 news channels broadcasting in various languages.


That explains why being in media has become a lucrative business for corporate houses.

According to official data by the Information and Broadcasting ministry, there are 886 private TV channels functioning in the country, while the Information and Broadcasting Ministry cancelled the licences of 149 till July this year.

The data further said that, as on 31 July, the government accorded permission to 1,035 private channels to operate in the country. It also cancelled the permissions granted to run 149 channels.

The number of Permitted Private Satellite TV Channels in India is 886 of which 399 are news and current affairs channels, as per official data.

There are 768 TV channels which are permitted for uplink from India and also downlink into India. Of these 377 are news channels.

There are 96 TV channels which are permitted to only Downlink into India and are uplinked from aboard. Of these 15 are news channels.

Twenty two TV channels in the country are permitted for uplink from India but not allowed to downlink. Of these 7 are news channels.

A country like UK has just two 24×7 news channels with couple more entertainment channels, Channel 4 and ITV, broadcasting dedicated news bulletins spread across the day.

(With inputs from PTI)


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