India TV’s reporter writes to Modi, makes sensational allegations of fabrication against his channel


A senior correspondent with India TV has written to Prrime Minister Narendra Modi making grave allegations against his own channel.

In his letter, Imran Shaikh, says that the seniors in his channel owned by Rajat Sharma, have on many occasions asked him to fabricate reports to please the prime minister, Narendra Modi.


He writes, “Being journalist many a times I have been told to fabricate stories and also present them in fabricated manner in front of the common public which I have denied to do so. But it was explained by my seniors that they have to put some fabricated and favourable stories just to please our honourable prime minister as this news channel is bread and butter for them, which I personally feel it was just a false statement made by my seniors and didn’t believe them.”

He added, ” But as the time was flying, my seniors was forcing me to get more and more fabricated and favourable news stories, due to this I was getting disturbed day by day and I started thinking that is it really favourable stories are demanded by some govermnmental authorities/politicians etc and I was thinking that I have (been) made a scapegoat by my seniors to run this news channel. (sic)”

Speaking to, Shaikh said that he had been harassed by his seniors namely Faizul Islam, Rahul Chaudhary and Jai Prakash Chaudhary because of his ‘refusal to give in’ to their pressure to fabricate news.

He said, “Don’t get me wrong. I too was a fan of PM Modi. But for me journalistic ethics meant a lot. Often I would be called by my seniors to file favourable stories. But when I refused, they began to harass me and even suspended me for two days and initiated disciplinary twice in just one week.”

Shaikh said that he wanted an audience with the PM as his repeated efforts to meet Sharma had resulted in disappointment.

He said that he had filed a defamation case against Chaudhary, Islam and Singh in a local court seeking damages worth just Rs 1.

This sensational step by a reporter against his channel comes months after another journalist Vishwa Deepak resigned from Zee News questioning media ethics of the channel.

Both India TV and Zee News have often been accused of being pro-BJP news channels.

We tried to speak to Sharma, but he declined to comment. Instead he asked us to send our questions in writing. We’ve already sent our questions via text messages. We will carry his response as and when we get them.

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