6+ Best Tips of Writing a Recommendation Letter


To get the entry call in some job or Institution of their choice, a recommendation letter could be the right number to hit at. Today, almost every institution/job profile require one or two recommendation letter coming from the former employer/college or University. It is simply because to avoid making a call or writing an individual email enquiring about the candidature of the applying individual from their preceding head. People already are busy with a lot of work and it is absolute, not preferable for them to make this happen unless you’re an exceptional case. So, a recommendation letter is very valuable to generation on the verge to excel in their careers.

recommendation letter

Recommendation letters usually attached along with application form or resume which is shared with the desirable institution. Depending upon the requisite of some specific job, a letter of recommendation can be formulated. If you are writing a letter of recommendation in reference to make the candidate’s impression worthy to let them enter institutes of high repute. It is necessary to mention individual’s qualifications and skills set that is suitable to the profile he / she applying for.

Few tips are provided below to structure one quality recommendation letter:

  1. Get informed properly

A recommendation letter from your end indicates your understanding and experiences with the applying individual that means it is very important that you are quite informed about the person’s lifestyle, working standards and character in terms of overall personality. Therefore, you own all the rights and can ask for an updated detailed resume of the individual.

  1. Format, as suggested.

Any highly repute institute carefully design everything and hence, it is quite normal if a format is suggested by them to write a recommendation letter. This is very crucial point which sometimes people didn’t notice of and leads to unfortunate rejection of application. Therefore, it is appreciable if you spend some time in checking out about prescribed format of letter of recommendation. Recommendation letter can be types on your computer but if you sign it with ink, it adds value and credibility to that piece of paper. It shows your affection for the individual and also that you invested some efforts while framing it. You must ask the applicant about the place where this letter (that you are writing) is going to as it will help you in writing it. It could be a general letter or could be a specific one too. Therefore, it is better to get informed in advance.

  1. Words you invest.

Having written a letter of recommendation in a language of high professionalism and standard makes it look even more valuable and impressive. Institutes of high repute appreciate nice written language in recommendation letter and add more credits in the applicants account. It is going to be checked by sincere and intelligent brains of the organization and therefore we suggest investing your best words and sentences in letter of recommendation.

Information includes skills, qualifications, candidature and other assets of the individual can make the body of the content. Declaration about the strengths of the individual with convicted phrases. Let the letter look more reliable, put together words with extreme affirmations. You are welcome to state few moments where you witnessed the abilities of the applicant.

Cite about their accomplishments because of which your team get acclaimed, if any.

  1. Touching finishing lines

To make a lasting impression in the awareness of appointing authority, it is nice to make good touching finishing lines. It has a great influence. Special mentions like “you’d love to appoint the same individual if they are willing to” as it would be very punching.

  1. Talk friendly via a letter

Always a good idea if you share your private particulars [like telephone number and personal email address] within, and also show a sense of firmness that you are standing by to share more standpoint towards the this application. It will make it easy for the signing end to connect with you, if required.

  1. Right stationary letter head

To avoid any doubt about the accountability of your letter of recommendation, it is best to write it on official letter head paper. This will make it more genuine and valuable. This form of letter [if it is a general letter of recommendation that can be used for applying at multiple places] can be stored for later uses too. Official stationary for letter of recommendations are always recommended. Dates absolutely be mentioned when you are writing it and also about the duration you have been knowing this individual. Use calendar that you follow for your routine purpose too to avoid any fault as it could be vital, sometimes. Best wishes.



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