5 Things to consider when buying beds


When anyone enters your bed room the first thing that they notice is the bed. It is advisable that you choose your bed with utmost care and consideration, matching with the color of the room, and fitting your taste and comfort. Your bed may be wooden, iron, white, beige or patterned with elegant designs according to your style and budget. You can choose a luxurious wooden framed bed or even go for an affordable simple iron one. But you need to be wary of a few factors.

    • Number of members- Make sure that you choose a bed according to the number of members to be fit in there. If it is just you and your partner you can opt for a plain double bed. But if you are taking kids into question you may opt for the king or super king beds. If your partner is tall, or sleeps awkwardly, or if you want more space go for the super king beds as they are very big and will allow you and your partner to have enough room. You can relax and sleep peacefully. But if your room is small, it would look weird if you have a large bed in the middle of the room. It would not only look cramped but it would leave you with less space to waltz in anymore furniture. Choose something that is of a suitable size matching your room which gives you enough space to walk around.
    • Pocket pinch- You have to also keep the budget in mind. There are many bed designs with unconventional wood work, designs, and incorporated technical devices to be operated automatically, etc. The latest white beds are the new obsession in town. Crystal clear white sheets with pillows gives off this unmatched polished and regal vibe. But do not go for anything that is uncomfortable for you. If bright hues give you joy, choose that. Your bedroom is your safe sanctuary. Decorate it and choose your bed at your own whim and style.

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  • Comfort based on mattress- Along with the bed you must think of the mattress. It is the key factor in comfort. It is advisable if you test it beforehand. Do not choose a mattress in a store when you are tired. As you are tired, any mattress would feel good to you. Do not just sit on the corner, jump on the mattress and if you want lie down for some minutes there. It would help you to find your comfort level. It is not always that a firm mattress is ideal for your back. You may feel comfortable with a soft or hard mattress. But test it before and choose what fits your comfort zone.
  • Room color, style and décor- Poster beds at urban ladder, water beds, air beds, automatically operated beds, beds with our without headboards, iron beds, bunk beds etc. are just too many options to choose from. Narrow it down based on your room. If your room is small and you also want some storage space choose the trundle beds. The bed should match the room décor. If your room is designed in a contemporary style choose a beige one instead of a vintage wood work one. Choose wisely as it is a long time investment. You have to sleep in order to function so a comfortable bed is a priority.
  • Don’t get too tech savy- Do not choose one that has lots of controls and looks more like a gadget. The bed should be warm and cozy. You should feel at home when you lie down after a hard day at work.


The bed is a long term investment. Don’t get too carried away by the new innovations. Choose something that would give you warmth and comfort. After all the bed is where we retire to after a long tiring day!


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