Cost to advertise PM Modi’s 2 years gala just in print media was Rs 35.58 crore, reveals PMO in RTI reply


Narendra Modi government spent more than Rs 35 crore on the two years’ celebration advertisements in newspapers across the country in May this year, RTI has revealed.

An Ahmedabad based RTI activist had asked for the breakdown of the money spent by Modi government towards advertisements on all platforms to celebrate two years in office.

In response, the PMO replied informing that the cost to celebrate PM Modi’s two years anniversary only in newspapers was at Rs35.58 crore.


The PMO did not explain the cost incurred on advertisements on other medium i.e. TV and FM radio. The cost to advertise here is often more expensive than the print medium.

In its reply, the PMO said, ” It’s observed that expenditure incurred in Print Media only pertains to Accounts Wing of this Directorate. In this regard, it is intimated that an amount of Rs 26,35,35,820 was spent on the completion of 1st year celebration…Rs 35,58,70,388 was spent on the completion of 2nd year celebration i.e. from 26th May 2015 to 26th May 2016 of the current government.”

In affect, the Modi government spent more than Rs 61 crore on just print ads to celebrate its first and second year anniversary.

This revelation may become hugely controversial particularly in light of the countrywide plight of farmers and people at large.

The RTI activist, who preferred to remain anonymous, told, “Such lavish expenditure is unacceptable from someone who claims to be a pradhan sevak. This also exposes the hypocrisy of the prime minister, who is never tired of claiming how his government is for poor people. It’s my request to PM to immediately stop spending unnecessary money on advertisements.”




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