YouTube to launch its gaming site focussing on live streams


YouTube is going to launch its spin-off platform for video gamers on Wednesday evening. YouTube Gaming is a dedicated app and website focussing exclusively on gaming content, with a greater emphasis on live streams.

Experts say that YouTube is “fighting back” against rivals such as Twitch and Daily Motion.

“We wanted to create a one-stop shop for all gaming content. We have amazing gamers that don’t live stream yet. Now they have that opportunity.” YouTube’s head of gaming Ryan Wyatt told the BBC.


YouTube has been facing competition from services such as Amazon-owned Twitch. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Twitch daily to watch live streams of other people playing video games.

It will be a notable development focussing to stream movies, specially gaming content on YouTube live.

YouTube said it had redeveloped its live streaming function for its gaming app, but confirmed that live broadcasts would be subject to its standard copyright checks.

“We’re not treating gaming any differently on YouTube. The app is a lens for gaming content, the key thing is discoverability,” said YouTube’s Mr Wyatt.

“This is a way to focus on gaming videos, aggregate them, but YouTube doesn’t change. You can still watch gaming videos on YouTube.”

Mr Wyatt said the new live streaming platform could have wider uses in the future.



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