‘You’re beautiful,’ says minister to female reporter when asked question about meeting


An AIADMK minister has stirred a row after making sexist remarks to a female reporter when she asked him questions about his party’s meeting on Thursday.

female reporter
File Photo: The Week

The minister in question is from the Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK government, Vijay Bhaskar, who was emerging out of his legislative party meeting. The AIADMK’s legislative party meeting had taken place in the backdrop of TTV Dhinakaran launching his own political party.

Local Tamil media reporters were very curious to ask the AIADMK leaders to know what had transpired in the legislative party meeting. When a female reporter approached the state’s health minister, Vijay Bhaskar, for his soundbite, he responded by saying, “you’re beautiful.” His sexist jibe didn’t end with the one-liner. He went on to comment that the specs on her were looking nice.

The video of Bhaskar making sexist comments to a female reporter, who was merely doing her duty by asking him the relevant questions, has now gone viral evoking angry reactions from social media users.

Bhaskar later apologised for his ‘disgusting’ behaviour but defended his action saying that he was only trying to avoid any political questions.


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