Your work is precious for those who have lost sense about difference between casual news and news which is nation’s real concern


(We received this heart-warming letter from one of our dedicated members of the audience. His name is a Karan Goel. Karan is a college student. We’ve found Karan’s mail quite inspiring and we are indebted to him and million others who have reposed so much of trust in our journalism. This mail once again reminds us about the burden of responsibility you lovely people have entrusted us with. We truly hope we never let you down.)

“I am a graduation student and this mail is just a letter to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing towards social media and for our country.

I really wanted to personally say this to you, so I thought of mailing it to you directly.

We as the future of the country i.e the youth need to be cultivated with decent and legitimate information. Only then will our country be able to take advantages of the demographic dividend as they call it.

Our country has a huge potential but when I see my father watch these news channels, I really don’t understand where our country is heading towards.

Under the enlightenment of huge achievements we have in the global market, these issues popping up daily are like a hindi proverb I used to hear from my mother “diya tale andhera.”

Your work is precious for me and many other students who have lost the sense about what is a difference between a casual news and the news which is for our nation’s real concern.

I believe you will continue doing such a job with great responsibility and will save the media from further abuse like presstitutes. Not every anchor is corrupt but it is our capitalistic nature which has forced them to oblige to such unreliable means.

Being a hosteler, I usually don’t get to watch television a lot but it will be a great contribution if you commence such a news channel in the coming years because I don’t want my father to watch such manipulated news daily.

The hope is the ultimate attribute citizens of our country must never lose because quoting from a movie ‘No country is perfect, we need to make it perfect.’

Thank You “



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