“Your Ram Naam Satya processions will begin if you don’t mend ways”: UP CM Yogi Adityanath triggers controversy with death threats to men involved in ‘love-jihad’


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued death threats to men accused of love-jihad if they hid concealed their identities to marry girls from the other faith. His comments have earned him widespread condemnation on social media.

Addressing an election rally in Jaunpur, Adityanath said, “Yesterday, the Allahabad High Court has given an order that it’s not necessary to change your religion for marriages. This should not be recognised. Therefore, the government is considering taking a decision on stopping Love-Jihad with full force.”

His next lines were chilling as he issued death threats to those Muslims, who did not mend their ways and still chose to fall in love with Hindu girls. “An effective law will be enacted. I want to warn those concealing their identities to play with the dignity of our sisters and daughters. If they don’t mend their ways, your Ram Naam Satya processions will start.”

Ram Naam Satya is chanted during Hindu funeral processions in India.

Adityanath has been under fire for not being able to stop the crimes against women in his state. His comments have earned him plenty of condemnation from Twitterati.

Adityanath was referring to an order passed by the single judge bench of Justice Mahesh Chandra Tripathi of the Allahabad High Court. Justice Tripathi, according to NDTV, had recorded that the woman was Muslim by birth and had converted her religion from Islam to Hinduism in June this year, exactly a month and two days before her marriage.

In his order, Justice Tripathi said, “The Court has perused the record in question and found that the first petitioner has converted her religion on 29.6.2020 and just after one month, they have solemnized their marriage on 31.7.2020, which clearly reveals to this Court that the said conversion has taken place only for the purpose of marriage.”


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