Young women take responsibility for Congress-SP campaign in style


The election campaign in Uttar Pradesh has become increasingly innovative as the state poll process nears culmination.

The SP-Congress alliance have now fielded young women volunteers to campaign for their candidates. Women volunteers are now actively approaching voters in Varanasi by wearing specially designed phir se (Once again) Akhilesh T-shirts.

The exercise assumes significance in light of the general status of women in Uttar Pradesh. Women folks in the state have often played a second fiddle to their male counterparts and been expected to vote according to the wishes of the men in their families.

Young women have now taken it upon themselves to visit potential voters through door-to-door campaign. They are seen both in villages and areas in the city spaces seeking support for what’s known as gathbandhan (alliance).

The campaign mangers of Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav have formed a team of 50 women volunteers per assembly constituency to carry the message of the alliance’s Chief Ministerial candidate- Akhilesh Yadav.

Attired in unique T-shirts, these young women carry with them the alliance’s 10 key priorities – Pragati ke Das Kadam in the form of an A4 sized and a pocket calendars.

Their conversations usually begin with a standard line, “‘namaste, mein akhilesh ji ke yahan se aaayi huun – aapke liye ek chitti hain” and explain in detail the 10 priorities of the gathbandhan.



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