‘You don’t return Kohinoor, Now Sachin’s luggage! How much can India tolerate?’ Why British Airways got trolled!


A major row has erupted on social media after cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar tweeted being ‘angry and frustrated’ because of the behaviour of British Airways.

Sachin on 13 November tweeted how he was ‘angry, disappointed and frustrated’ because his family member’s ‘waitlisted ticket not confirmed despite seats being available.’

In his next tweet, Tendulkar complained of the luggage being tagged for wrong destination adding that he was frustrated with the airline’s ‘don’t care attitude.’

British Airways was quick to reply to Tendulkar’s tweet but asked him to share his ‘full’ name and address details so that it could take necessary actions.

This prompted the social media users to mock the airlines while others began to link this development to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ongoing visit to UK.

British Airways was trending on top at the time of writing this report.

Here’s the snapshot of twitter conversation.







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