To keep party workers’ pride intact, Yogi government transfers woman police officer


In an another act of blatant mockery of law and order, the Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government has transferred an upright woman police officer after she sent 5 BJP workers to jail for creating obstacles in discharging government duties.

yogi government transfers woman police officer

The video of Shreshtha Thakur standing up to BJP leaders and giving them a public dressing down had gone viral. These BJP leaders had accused Thakur of only targetting the BJP workers.

To which Thakur had asked them to obtain a letter from the chief minister stating that BJP workers must not be bothered even when they break laws.

It seems the BJP leaders took her words seriously and indeed approached Yogi Adityanath for an action against the honest police officer. According to a report by Hindustan Times, a delegation of the party’s 11 MLAs and MP met Adityanath and demanded action against her.

They reportedly told Adityanath that it was an issue of the pride for them and the police officer needed to be taught a lesson. The chief minister, it appears, readily accepted their demands and ordered Thakur’s transfer from Bulandshahr to Bahraich.

Mukesh Bhardwaj, the party city president, confessed that Thakur’s transfer was indeed to keeping intact the pride of party workers and leaders.

On 22 June in Syana area, Thakur and her team were on duty when they stopped a person riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. She slapped him with a fine of Rs 200. This enraged the local BJP leaders, who arrived in a big group and demanded revocation of fine.

Thakur did not budge and instead sent five BJP workers for intimidating police officials. The video of Thakur’s bravery had gone viral.


  1. Goondagiri will never end as long as these rogue politicians have the support of their foolish slaves / dogs


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