Yogeshwar Dutt joins troll brigade of Sehwag and Hooda to ‘bully’ martyr’s daughter


Olympian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt on Tuesday joined the troll brigade of Virender Sehwag and actor Randeep Hooda to mock the daughter of India’s martyr for her decision to oppose the violence of ABVP.

Dutt, a known nationalist, tweeted a photo comparing Gurmehar Kaur’s message with that of Hitler and Osama Bin Laden.

Dutt, Olympic medalist in London, had thrown his weight behind against the left-leaning JNU students last year with his Hindi poetry.

His tweet comes after Sehwag and Hooda were condemned on social media for bullying a martyr’s young daughter.

Faced with growing outrage, Hooda on Monday had issued a formal statement denying the charges of bullying adding that he was only having a laugh on a quirky tweet of Sehwag.

In a Facebook post, Hooda asked everyone not to ‘hang’ him ‘over a laugh.”

yogeshwar dutt troll
photo- ANI

He wrote, “Viru(Sehwag) cracked a joke and I admit I laughed. Damn!! He is so witty and this is one of the other million things he’s said that has made me crack up. That was it!!

“But now, lo and behold, I’m being held responsible for instigating hate threats against a young girl, shockingly by the girl herself. That’s absolutely untrue. That was never our intention and our tweets is not the source of all the hate she might be receiving. (sic)”

In a dig at Gurmehar’s old Facebook video message saying ‘Pakistan did not kill my father, war did,’ Sehwwag posted his own photo with a placard that said, “I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did.”

His insulting post, however, became very popular among those who preached hatred against anyone being seen even remotely critical of the BJP or its ideological mentor, the RSS.

Among those applauding Sehwag for his tweet was Bollywood actor, Randeep Hooda, who shared the former India cricketer’s post with the ‘clap’ and loud laughter emoticons.



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