Yogendra Yadav questions PM’s claims of scam-free governance, says crowdsourcing of communalism on the rise


Former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav has now become the entrant in the list f people who have questioned PM Modi’s claims of a scam-free governance citing the example of anti-corruption watchdogs’ inaction.

He also alleged that Modi government was “ashamedly anti-farmer” and its policies were no different from Manmohan Singh government, leading the country on the same “disastrous” path, only at a much faster pace.

“It is a government that does not understand the democratic autonomy of institutions and it has not shown much of a will to take on corruption and institute transparency. It doesn’t even understand the challenge of education and health and employment which are big concerns of our country,” he alleged.

Talking about scandals, Yadav said, “Scandals are only discovered after the auditing cycle is over and if the auditor is there in place. And in this one year of Modi government, institutions like CVC and CIC are not practically functioning so how can you expect any information to come out.”

On the issue of communal tensions and polarisation of politics by some BJP leaders, Yadav claimed it to be a “crowdsourcing of a new form of communalism”.
“Modi will be quiet and everyone else will speak on his behalf. It is crowd sourcing of a new form for communalism which poses danger to the idea of India and its culture.
“This government is being run by one person and ….if it is being talked about then it must have his open or tacit approval,” he added.


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