Yogendra Yadav was more cautious, Arvind Kejriwal was more instinctive


The makers of the documentary on Arvind Kejriwal, have said that there was no pressure them to show the Delhi chief minister in good light.

“The main reason we could persist as filmmakers was the access. We realised that it was a unique opportunity for us and we would be fools to waste it. We wanted to make a film that could be read in multiple ways it is not an immediate commentary, but introspective,” the co-director Khusboo Ranka told PTI.

Ranka, who directed the film with Vinay Shukla said that they also found two interesting figures in Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav, the AAP founders who ended up parting.

“They are two different people and their style of politics is also different. Yogendra was more cautious, depended on the data and processes while Arvind was more instinctive. He would alter his speech depending on the crowd.”

Shukla, for his part, said that when they first started shooting the development in Delhi, they did not anticipate they would end up capturing a story.

“They had just announced that they were going to form a political party. We went there and said we would like to shoot every day and, at that time, they were happy at least someone was covering them,” he says.

But the development took them by surprise.

“Over the next year, they became much bigger than any of us could have anticipated. We ended up covering a shape- shifting phenomenon in Indian politics,” says Shukla.

The film on Kejriwal, An Insignificant Man, is scheduled to release on 17 November, just few days before Aam Aadmi Party marks its fifth anniversary. The film was mired in controversy after the then Censor Board chief, Pahlaj Nihalani, ordered few cuts that were not acceptable to the makers.


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