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Yakub Memon, was hanged by India on July 30 for his involvement in 1993 Mumbai blasts. However, questions are being raised over whether it was right to hang Yakub, who had voluntarily chosen to return to India. Was it also right for Supreme Court to reject his last plea for 14-day window between rejection of his mercy plea and the date of hanging? A rule that Supreme Court itself had laid down in 2014.

There are many more questions on how the law is applied on different people in India. Rifat Jawaid, the editor-in-chief of jantakareporter.com asks them.


Please watch the video here.


  1. Hello Sirjeee you are just awesome

    My view on this is very simple that if anybody’s religion is Muslim you will be targeted as Vote Bank by any Political Party. Because it is ratio of 80 % Vs 20 % . but in this capital punishment Yakub must get 14 days time for mental preparation. Here i can see MODI goverment just want to divert the public attention from BJP Scam

      • Toh hum log RAW officer Raman se zyaada jaante the..home ministry kuch bhi bolke iss report ko kharij kar sakti hai par kya wo jhoot bol raha tha?

        • yaha actually 2 matters h.. 1. was yakub guilty? iss pe sabhi ka kehana h ki yes he was guilty. Even jitne bhi lawyers uss din raat ko SC gye the sabhi ne kha ki he was guilty.

  2. Supreme court ne ye kha ki unke bhai ki mearcy plea pehle he reject ho gyi thi or yakub ne uss plea ko apne se alag nhi kiya isliye first itme rejection se 14 days kabhi ke pure ho gye the…

  3. IF Your logic that yakub was hanged just because he is a Muslim is to be assumed true, then you will also say that the whole nation cried on Dr Kalam death just because he was a Muslim? Is it so? You gave the examples Gujarat and Mumbai riots and said that those mastermind were not punished then why yukub? Well going by that logic none of the offenders çan be punished because there will always be one similar offender who has escaped punishment. When horiyat leaders escapes punishment due to lack of evidence u dnt say they escaped punishment because they are Muslims they why is it in case of kodnani. Why this hypocrisy? If u claim that capital punishment should be banned that is a separate debate, but why to mix that question with religious identity of a terrorist?

    • I think your last statement is correct. I think the reporters claim was not to give capital punishment to the convict which he explained from minority point of view by comparing with other riots. If I understood correctly his explanation correctly, I don’t think he was against the culprits conviction of 1993 bomb blast.

  4. Weakest point in this video blog is reference to Sanjay Dutt and comparing his crime to Yakub Memon. Second weakest point, which I think is deliberate, is no reference to brothers and family members of Yakub Memon who were either acquitted plainly due to “benefit of doubt” or even to one of his brothers who is allowed lifetime treatment confined to a hospital due to his mental illness! By the way, Raman has not written that Yakub Memon came back to India on his own. He wrote that Yakub did consider to come back to India but he changed his mind after talking to his advocate and relatives in Nepal. He was picked up by Nepali security forces while he was going back to Karachi. Please read his letter annexed with the last plea to President.

  5. Many politicians instigate communal riots. That is as bad or worse that bomb blasts. They go scot-free. For someone who comes, surrenders and helps Govt, the hanging after 22 years in Jail is something most will not agree with.

  6. I feel bad, when I see only 10 comments are there on such courageous post. Less no. of comment shows how much polarized the indian society has become. It has become difficult for moderate people to speak against injustice. As soon as we speak something we are termed as anti-national or sickular. I strictly agree with you on the point that system has gone bad. We do different treatment on similar cases. If we don’t implement rule of law for each and every citizen irrespecitve of their political inclination and religion nothing will change.
    Its shameful that we get only 10 comments out of so called 125 Crore educated people of India. 🙁


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