Work for farmers’ cause gives me a reason to live: Nana Patekar


Veteran actor Nana Patekar says that his work for the cause of the drought-hit farmers of Maharashtra through his foundation offers him a reason to live, and was important to keep him human.

“We had never expected it (response), we had only thought of doing as much we were capable of. The moment has begun and it’s good everyone has started getting involved with it. We’ve got one reason to live because of this cause,” he said at the launch of Mamta Bhatt’s book “Eternal Hero- Rama”.

“This is not an effort of a few people. We’ll be able to do it only when all are going to get involved. The work is nothing outstanding. Someone else is supposed to do it, but we are doing it. We have decided to do it, so we’ll do it along with everybody.

“Starting with one village and then as many villages as possible. People are contributing at such a massive scale that we’ll even get Rs.400-500 crores. In that case the number of films will decrease but this work would increase,” he said.

Happy Lucky Entertainment company, who was associated with the book launch, contributed Rs.10 lakh to Patekar’s Naam foundation. He had earlier claimed that the foundation had collected Rs. 80 lakh on the day of it opened an account.

“I didn’t want to express my gratitude because it is our need and not theirs. I’ll have to do it to keep the human inside me alive. I’m not doing it for them, but for all of us. So let’s do it all together,” he said.

Patekar and fellow actor actor Makrand Anaspure are the brain behind setting up of Naam foundation. Both of them had also helped 113 drought-hit families this year.


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