This woman’s stunning allegations against two union ministers may cause serious trouble for Modi govt, video goes viral


Social media platforms have been replete with two short clips of a woman making stunning allegations against two union ministers. The allegations are extremely defamatory in nature.

stunning allegations


The woman, identified as Bobby, claims in the video how one BJP minister had repeatedly sought sexual favours through her. She also goes on to say that she was privy to many dark secrets involving these ministers.

The lady in the video boasts of having incredible clout over both the ministers adding that she was once contacted by the Congress to share the information.

“But, I told them I will never go to the media. Fights happen even in the family. That doesn’t mean you start to wash dirty linen in public,” she is seen boasting in the videos. The woman in the video also claimed she had received a text message from a union minister, who called her a ‘sex bomb.’

She added, “I can admonish them any time because I know their secrets. That’s the reason why they will never refuse to do my work.”

No sooner did these videos surface, social media users have begun posting the woman’s photos with senior functionaries both in the BJP and the Congress including some ministers, taken at different occasions in the past.

(Janta Ka Reporter has decided not to publish these videos because the allegations are extremely libelous in nature and we are unable to verify their authenticity.)


  1. This is chaal charitra & Chehra of BJP top functionary that a women openly challenging them on all 3 counts. If she is believed she have access to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Will BJP clearify truth or remain silent as usual.


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