Woman jailed for 3 years for molesting other women in Madhya Pradesh


In a first, a court in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district has awarded three years of rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs 500 to a woman for molesting another females.

Charged with obscene behaviour, Simran alias Mahi Gill was found guilty of molestation.

While awarding the punishment, Justice Bharat Singh Rawat said that ensuring women’s safety in the society will be a greater challenge if a woman will involve in such a behaviour towards members from the same sex.

Simran was held at Bhopal railway station in a suspicious condition in February 2013 and was sent to a women’s special correctional home in Indore.

While at correctional home, a girl in 2014, complained of molestation by Simran. This prompted many other girls to come forward to inform about the similar treatment by the convict.

Soon, a case was filed against Simran and she was sent to Dewas jail as the medical reports proved she was lying about her age and she had ceased top be a minor more than a year ago.

Her obscene behaviour towards fellow inmates did not change as the jail authorities began to receive too many complaints by other female inmates. She was soon moved to Indore jail.


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