Within a year, NDA has started behaving like UPA, crushing movements: Arvind Kejriwal

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched scathing attack on the central government for attempting to crush movements using force.

Commenting on the forceful eviction of India’s ex-servicemen from Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on Friday, Kejriwal said, ” Ex-servicemen being forcibly thrown out of Jantar Mantar? Bizarre.They protected us till yesterday. Now they are security threat for independence day?”

Kejriwal expressed his dismay on how ‘within a year NDA had started behaving just like the UPA-II’ in crushing movements.

He tweeted, ”

He also urged the PM to announce from the Red Fort tomorrow that he was accepting the veterans’ demand on OROP.

hE SAID, “I wOuLd urge Hon’ble PM to announce acceptance of the demand of OROP of our ex servicemen from Red Fort tomorrow`”

Delhi police on Friday forcibly evicted the ex-servicemen from protesting against the delay in implementing One Rank One Pension at Jantar Mantar.

Police said that the army veterans were being removed  “as part of normal security drive on 14 and 15 August every year” adding that 25 ex-servicemen were being allowed to stay.

Delhi Police’s DCP Vijay Singh said, “The drive is conducted by New Delhi Municipal Corporation. All temporary structures will be removed ahead of Independence Day.”

This forced eviction of India’s ex-servicemen comes a day after India’s four ex-service chiefs wrote to President Pranab Mukherjee asking him to intervene warning that the delay in rolling out of ‘one rank one pension scheme’ would be a danger to political military ethos of the country.

The letter written by  General SF Rodrigues (Retd), Admiral L Ramdas (Retd), Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd) and Admiral Sureesh Mehta (Retd) said, “It is with a sense of deep anguish that we are writing to draw the attention of the Supreme Commander to the dismal spectacle of our veteran soldiers, driven to undertake public protests and demonstrations to press their demand for the – long overdue grant of OROP.”

These former chiefs warned that delay was bound to adversely impact the morale of serving officers.

Major Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, had told Jantakareporter.com that the ex-servicemen blamed Prime Minister Modi for betraying the trust of Indian soldiers.

Implementing OROP was BJP’s important election promise during the Lok Sabha elections and the soldiers are angry with ‘PM Modi’s U-turn’ on his ‘yet another poll promise.’



    The basic concepts of OROP, as written in the beginning of the KOSYARI report are-

    1. The peculiarity and gravity of the service conditions to which a soldier is subjected to in peace and the danger to which he is exposed in war.—

    THE TRUTH- Who is exposed to the danger, the Men and the Officers who are below 45 and and take action at the front OR the Officers above 45 who plan the strategies in a office far away from real danger? But the seniors will benefit maximum from the OROP.

    2. The inevitable to retire a soldier earlier than the normal age of the superannuation enjoyed by other central government employees. —

    THE TRUTH- Who retire at an early age are the Men from the rank of Sepoy to Naib Subedar and the Officers of the Ranks of Captain and Majors. But the mutilation and disfigurement caused by Kosyari Commission convinced by officers will only benefit the senior Officers retiring after the age of 45 years. From this OROP, the officers will get from Rs. 20,000/- to 30,000/- per month more (45000 to 70000 including DA @ 119%) and the Jawans will get the only 1000 to 2000 rupees/month (Rs. 2000 to 4300/ with DA)

    3. Difficulties faced and sacrifice by the families.

    THE TRUTH- The wives of officers live with them (even at China borders) and the wives of the Jawans (who work as personal house servants sahayak/sewadar of the officers & their wives) live at their villages and see them only once in a year. But the PATRIOTS and true servants of the nation are only those who have power to get more benefits.

    Not only difference between the Pay (15000/70,000) and pension (8,000/45,000) of a Jawan and a Commissioned officer at the lowest ranks is too high, but also the Jawans do not enjoy the benefits of Non
    Functional Up-gradation like commissioned officers who become captain in 2 to 3 years, Major in just 6 years or earlier, Lieutenant Colonel in 14 to 16 years or earlier. Most of the Jawans are kicked out in the rank of Sepoy and Naik at the early age of 35 to 38 years whereas a major serves at least up to 21 years and he (Major of old times) is paid the pension of the next higher rank of Lt. Colonel . In addition there is a lot of difference in Military Service Pay (2000 for men & 6000 for officers without DA) and hard area/altitude allowances.

    Valuing every life equally, these allowances must be equaled for all ranks and the Pay of the Jawan at the Lowest Rank, in any case, should not be less than HALF OF the pay of Commissioned Officer at the Lowest Rank.Like the officers, every Jawan should be given 6 fixed time up-gradation and must be paid the pay for the rank of Subedar Major before he completes 20 years in service.

    The Diploma Engineers in Central Government services are placed at PB-2 (9400-34800) with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- whereas the Military Diploma Holder Jawans are placed in PB-1 (5200-22400) with Grade Pay of Rs.2000/- which is paid to a Safaiwals working in Central Government.


    1. They are the Jawans who work and supervise to keep everything, including the borders, the aircraft, the ships, the missiles and all surveillance and war equipment in order. The officers handle planning, correspondence short term punishments and court martial.

    2. The Jawans work on machines and strategic training/practices from the day of their recruitment to the day of their discharge. The officers work only on the days of inspection by internal or external authorities such as the Pay Commission teams.

    3. Jawans have never faced court martial for stealing and scandals. Only the officers are involved in such acts.

    4. The Jawans are living the lives of modern slaves but the officers live like KINGS even after retirement and behave indecently with retired Jawans even on discussions on pay and pension or OROP.

    5. There is a big gap in starting Pay and Pension of the Jawan at lowest rank and the Officer at lowest Rank.

    6. Only the officers benefit grossly from OROP on the issues concerning the Jawans but plights of Jawans are again overlooked by the government.

    The reactions and comments in response are welcome.

    Best regards.
    A Jawan.


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