Will skin Modi, says Lalu’s son after Centre withdraws security


Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son and former minister in Bihar government, Tej Pratap Yadav, on Monday threatened to skin Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the Centre withdrew the former’s Z plus security cover.

File Photo: PTI

Lalu Prasad accused the Narendra Modi government of hatching a “conspiracy” to frighten him so that he gives up his “relentless fight for preserving communal harmony and social justice”.

The decision evoked angry reactions from Lalu’s sons. Tej Pratap, the elder son of the RJD boss, went ballistic, threatening to get Modi “skinned”.

He told reporters, “They are hatching a murder conspiracy against him (Lalu)…If something happens to him, we will get the prime minister skinned (khal utarwa lenge). If my father is killed who will take responsibility for this?”

When reminded by reporters that he was making disparaging comments about the prime minister, Tej Pratap said, ‘go and tell him (Modi).”

Lalu, for his part, said, “Lalu is not someone who can be frightened into submission. The public of Bihar will protect me. But if anything happens to me, the Nitish Kumar government in the state and the Modi government at the Centre shall be jointly responsible”.

He, however, disapproved the language used by his son for Modi but noted “the blood of anybody will boil if he finds his father at the receiving end of such a conspiracy”.

Tejashwi Yadav, the former deputy chief minister and the younger son of the RJD supremo, also attacked the Centre for downgrading Lalu Prasad’s security.

“By downgrading his security, the Centre is trying to frighten Lalu, who is working towards opposition unity. This is very mean-minded politics on the part of the BJP-led NDA government,” Tejashwi Yadav was quoted by news agency PTI.


Lalu’s party, the RJD, parted ways with the ruling JDU after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar shocked everyone by aligning with the BJP, a party he had bitterly fought in the 2015 assembly elections.



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