Will return on Times Now if Arnab Goswami stops barking: Film-maker Anand Patwardhan


Times Now editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami earned plenty of plaudits from right-wing Hindus on Tuesday night when he questioned the ‘award-wapsi’ brigade on their alleged silence on Malda violence.

He demanded to know why people like historian Irfan Habib and film-maker Anand Patvardhan among others had suddenly gone missing and ‘not taking’ his channel’s calls to come on News Hour-Times Now’s flagship debate show.

Patvardhan has now hit back through a Facebook post saying that he would return to Times Now if Arnab stopped ‘barking.

He said, “Apparently yesterday Arnab Goswami announced on his channel that I had gone missing. If he turns to other channels than his own, he may sometimes spot me. In case he does not understand why I have refused to be on his channel, I will spell it out here.

“I have boycotted Arnab ever since his total lack of reason, respect and courtesy were exposed when he began to bark as we returned our national awards. I can certainly understand dissent. I cannot understand barking. If someone gives him a biscuit and he gets retrained to stop barking, I may try his channel again.”

Goswami on Tuesday night had alleged that the itellectuals’ silence over violence in Malda smacked of their double-standard on religious intolerance.

Mahashtra-based Patvardhan is an internationally acclaimed film-maker and has won many global awards for his works.


  1. Shameless Goswami should first improve the standards of his conduct, learn some etiquettes and then question other dignitaries choice of interviews/debates/shows


    • There is no need to have representatives of BJP as he represents an aggregation. However, I stopped viewing his programme with a feeling never to return.

      • Same here – used to admire him – now since last 5 months hvnt had least inclination to see Times Now even when hunting from channel to channel for different views on a topic. Feel Goswami should quit current profession and join RSS.

  2. Aranaab are you there? “If someone gives him a biscuit and he gets retrained to stop barking, I may try his channel again”

  3. Arnab proving his credentials of being a BJP dog, its disgusting how insanity (arnab) prevails over good sense (patwardhan) on times now. Indeed he should be awarded runner up for the years blind Bhakt award.

  4. Yes Arnab is a very nastily clever unreasonable fellow. He will frame the questions in such a way that suits his way. In fact BJP can do away with their BJP spokesperson. Arnab does a better job than them in openly defending the BJP. Shameless guy. He thinks people do not understand all this. Arnab!!! You cant fool all the people all the times. Ashish Khetan asked the right question: What were you doing in Jaitley’s house. Gettiing tutored how to save him.

    He will bring all this nasty right wing fellows like M R Venkatesh who talk absolute trash and non-sense and Arnab patting their back. The worst TV channel. Janta Ka reporter should expose them.

  5. MEDIA TRIAL :- Very often we watch an anchor along with the traditional political parties, completely biased on certain issues are shouting and howling on the spokesperson of AAP and not allowing him or her to speak. To me, this is I call a MEDIA TRIAL !!!

    What Delhi CM AAM AADMI chief AK has asked for MEDIA’S TRIAL by public is not any kangaroo court. He refers to any controversial news, true or fake, the public should have the platform for debate to have their opinion to fix media’s accountability. This will help to flourish political awareness also …

    And why not, when Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people at the same time MEDIA is one of the pillars of democracy, then why shouldn’t the same MEDIA be accountable to the people in a Public Forum of Republic Country like India???

    • Looks like some media channels are owned by people having clear political inclinations.Other reason seems to be is that some media channels will do anything to secure favors from ruling party. So its upto other media channels to disclose this. I feel that in a democratic country – we can’t say it’s illegal for Time Now to rabidly support BJP unless there is some exchange of illegal favor from BJP to Times Now.

  6. Before the advent of this shouting, howling and barking uncouth, shameless, etiquetteless, disgusting psychopath who has self proclaimed himself to be the only conscience keeper of 125 million people, I used to dislike Barkha Dutt for her bossy attitude on NDTV. To me she appeared to be a very rough, roudy n pampered anchor. But now my opinion about her has changed for good. At least once thanks to this mentally deranged sadistically hyper Nationalist called Arnorb Goswami, who would have been spending his days in a caged mental asylum , had he been anchoring a news channel out side India in any Developed Country. ( It only happens in India )

    By his jibes, taunts, disrespectful, disgraceful, hate mongering, imbalanced, biased and preconceived nonsensical utterances, he is inflicting irreparable damage to the Contrary than doing any good to it. One is forced to doubt his credentials. As it seems he is an agent of some hostile country or not so friendly country which is hell bent to disintegrate India. Because with this psychopath on air for more some time, the seeds of hate, discontent, disrespect for Constitutional institutions and the persons thereof, India one day may get divided in different ideological, religious, cultural, ethnic and geographical hues.

    One fails to understand that a person who very conveniently and unabatedly passes sermons on anybody’s credentials, credibility and honestly, how far this person is a holy cow. What was his economic strata in the society back home and in Bombay. It is a question to ponder upon, peeped into and investigated. Is he above Constitution where a Commission of Enquiry could not be initiated against this psychopath. Keeping into consideration his not so illustrious back ground, his moveable and immovable assets including “benamis” , if not from the time of his fore father’s, not even from his father’s time, only from last one decade should be investigated that how come this holy psychopath is living a lavish lifestyle. Mr. Holy cow there are millions and millions of people in this Country who have much more higher integrity than yours. The only difference between you and them can not be explained better by the following example and with regrets, the language used in it that, ” when a dog bites you, you do not bite it in return ”

    I would not like to draw a comparison between Mr. Rajdeep Sirdesai and this anti social psychopath like Arnorb Goswami who is a black spot on the face of constructive journalism and a danger to the plural society of India. By doing so I would either be bringing up the later to the formar’s level or bringing down former to the latter’s level. In either case it would be injustice to the former. I have never met the former but I can vouch for him that he is a gentleman of a very high degree. This is as he behaves, talks and conducts himself on air.

    In the end I would like to put it on record that I have nothing personal against Arnorb Goswami as I have never been on Times Now with him one on one or in some debate or discussion. I every now and then get an invitation from them seeking time for participation in debates n opinions. But I have always refused them by saying that I can not oblige you as I do not talk to psychopaths because I am a Self respecting person.


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