Will go to each airport to put white tape on my name in VIP list: Robert Vadra


Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, has taken a dig at those who questioned his VIP status by saying that he ‘planned to add a white tape’ on his name in every airport in India.

His Facebook post on Monday read, “Plans to visit every terminal in the Airports in India and add a white tape on my name from the VVIP list and my signature on top !!
So look out ….”

This comes days after a senior minister in Narendra Modi government said the centre had no plans to remove Vadra’s name from no-frisking list at the airports in India.

Vadra’s Facebook post on Sunday too had stated that he didn’t consider himself a VIP.

He wrote, “I am clear, but wish the concerned authorities would understand that I am NOT A VVIP or a VIP. I am a proud citizen of INDIA! I have voiced and given my consent to remove my name from this list, many times.”

He criticised the central government for its ‘double-standard’ on not removing his name from the list of VIPs.

He said, “My conduct says it, but apparently the analysis disclosed by the government on my threat perception, allegedly says i am not required to be on this list, so why double standards in removing my name, from the vvip list.
I do not need this privilege and have never used it. It takes less than a minutes to get frisked and there is nothing to hide, that cameras need be avoided!”

His Sunday’s facebook update also accused the government of ‘hatching a conspiracy’ against him.

“May be I need to personally go to every airport and delete my name, will that work? Or is it a part of a larger conspiracy to malign my image.. I am humble and as normal as any citizen, so please treat me like one, otherwise write every Indian citizens name on the vvip list and please stop wasting people’s time, there are much larger issues to be dealt with my humble request is to focus on them. Any other suggestions are welcome …” Vadra wrote on his Facebook post.

BJP had made special treatment given to Vadra during the Congress-led UPA rule as a huge poll issue with several of its leaders coming out with a special booklet on Vadra. Modi government is now being mocked by social media users for not acting on yet another poll promises it made to voters last year.


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