Will deal with Vadra issue as per rule of law: Justice Dhingra

Justice Shiv Narayan Dhingra, the head of the commission appointed by the Government of Haryana to probe the alleged land irregularities of M/s Sky Light Hospitality, the company owned by Robert Vadra in Gurgaon, said his appointment letter is yet to be received, but promised to deal with the issue as per the rule of law.
“I don`t know when I will take charge because my appointment letter has not come so far. And thereafter, they have to establish the office, provide the staff, and so forth. The start of working always takes time,” Justice Dhingra told news agency ANI.
“I have not seen his (Robert Vadra) files, so, I cannot comment on it now. But I have never worked out-of-the-box and I will not. I have always worked according to law, as per its rules. Also, I am not in the habit of making laws. I will only apply law in this investigation,” he added.
A one-man Commission of Inquiry headed by retired Delhi high court judge S N Dhingra was set up by the BJP government in Haryana to probe alleged irregularities in land deals in Sector 83, Gurgaon, including the land deal associated with Robert Vadra.
According to reports, 16 licences issued by the Town and Country Planning Department in Sector 83 will be scrutinised.



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