Will chop off Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s head if he eats beef: BJP leader


A local BJP leader in threatened to chop off Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s head if he dared to eat beef.

SN Channabasappa, who is a former president of the erstwhile Shivamogga City Municipal Council, said that Siddaramaiah was behaving like a dictator.

“Let him eat beef at Gopi Circle in Shivamogga. If he does so, he will be beheaded. We won’t think twice about that,”

Deccan Chronicle quoted him as saying.

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Channabasappa added, “By making such a statement, the Congress leader has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. We have all grown up drinking cow’s milk.”

On 29 October, Siddaramaiah had reportedly said that the anti-beef eating policy was absurd and that BJP and its affiliated parties could not take away the individual rights of people to eat the meat of cow if they so wished.

“Till date I have never eaten cow meat. But if it suits my palette and if I want to eat beef, I will eat it. Nobody can stop me,” he had said.

Recalling the infamous raid on Kerala House by Delhi police over suspicion that it was serving beef, the chief minister said, “I was still in Delhi when the police entered the Kerala Bhavan suggesting that beef was being circulated for food. And this, without the knowledge of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. How can anybody stop people from eating what they want?”

A mob of over 100 people, allegedly BJP supporters, had lynched Mohammad Akhlaq to death on 28 September over rumours that he had eaten and stored beef in his house. Most accused arrested are members of local BJP leader Sanjay Rana’s family.

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