‘Disgruntled by paid Indian media’ 4 former TV journalists founded Wikileaks4India


Sunday’s revelation by the BJP MP, Kirti Azad, on alleged rampant corruption in the DDCA during the period the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as president, has sent a shock wave in the corridors of power.

Opposition parties have begun sharpening their knives against Jaitley demanding his resignation.

However, there has been little mention of the men working for Wikileaks4India, whose works are now being used for public discourse on DDCA scam.

Wikileaks4India is an initiative started by a group of four former disgruntled TV journalists, who say that they intend to ‘revive investigative journalism in India, which is in the dying stage.’

These journalists are Jamshed Khan, Satendra Upadhyay, Sushant Pathak and Madan Bhardwaj.

Jamshed Khan, has worked extensively in the field of investigative journalism. In his past life, he says he worked with Star News (ABP News), Tehelka, and India TV claiming to have carried out sting operations such as Operation IPL, Operation World Cup , MPLAD fund , Operation Fatwa among others.

Satendra Upadhyay, has worked with Zee, India TV, News 24 with his colleagues being appreciative of his ‘daring journalism.’ Among the big stories to his credit are Arushi Murder case, Damini Rape Case, From Safdarjung to Singapore.

Sushant Pathak, was with Tehelka, Cobra Post, India TV and News Express prior to co-founding Wikileaks4India. He has worked on special investigative stories such as Operation Prime Minister, Operation Master Blaster, and Operation Lok Sabha.

Madan Bhardwaj, worked with India TV and Tehelka in the past.  One of his shiny moments in the past also included his cover story ‘Death at Discount’ he wrote for Tehelka.

Talking about its objective, Wikileaks4India told jantakareporter.com, “We are dedicated to support and strengthen in-depth and investigative journalism. We bring secret information, news leaks and investigative stories beyond the breaking news stage. The WikiLeaks4india is fearless in its endeavor to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. We will be firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values.”

These journalists say that they were fed up with the ‘paid corporate media’ and wondering what to do next when they decided to create an alternative media platform.

“While sitting in a cafe, we decided to quit our respective organisations and it was in a car park, where we came up with the name Wikileaks4India,” says the men behind this initiative.


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