“Why is Arnab still free without any anticipatory bail?“


The Congress on Wednesday asked why the founder of Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, had not been arrested despite the Mumbai Police registering an FIR against him in an abetment to suicide case.

Addressing an especially called press conference, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said that ‘some time back there was an FIR against Arnab Goswami under Section 306’ after an interior designer committed suicide complaining non-payment of his dues by Armab Goswami and other two companies who worked for Republic TV.

Khera asked, “We want to know what is the investigation that the Mumbai police has done so far? Why is Arnab still free without any anticipatory bail?  Is the stature of the Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Arnab Goswami enough not to be arrested or interrogated?“

Chandrasekhar, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, was the co-founder of Republic TV, when the channel came into being last year. Although, he recently resigned from the board of directors of the channel, he had come for considerable criticism for not selling his stakes in Republic TV. Chandrasekhar was recently criticised for openly campaigning for the scam-tainted Reddy Brothers in Karnataka’s Bellary.

To mock Goswami, the Congress spokesperson repeatedly added ‘The Nation Wants To Know’ before posing his questions. Khera asked, “Where are the journalistic ethics? And why are young minds being promoted, to have a right of center ideology?

On Wednesday, Khera once again targeted Chandrasekhar asking if he, as owner of media houses, wasn’t deliberately compromising journalistic ethics by ‘forcing reporters and anchors to push the ideology and the agenda of the ruling party?’

Khera said, “Is it a healthy practice to allow politicians to use their office to push their business agenda? What is the action taken by the Maharashtra Police on the FIR lodged by Ms Akshata Anvay Naik, wife of the deceased interior designer.”

Police in Maharashtra had filed an FIR against Goswami for abetment of suicide after the death of an interior designer at his house on Saturday last week.

Police said that Anvay Naik committed suicide by hanging himself at his bungalow in Alibaug. The cops booked Goswami, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX/Skimedia and Niteish Sarda of Smartworks for abetment of suicide. The suicide note reportedly said that Republic TV owed Rs 83 lakhs to Naik, while IcastX owed him dues over Rs 40 lakhs and Nitesh Sarda of Smartworks owed Rs 55 lakhs to the deceased. Naik’s wife alleged that she had contacted Goswami’s accountant on many occasions, asking for the repayment of the said amount.


  1. Fake jkr article, perhaps they have forgotten in their hate filled brain that Indian law takes its own course and is not directed by media houses like jkr & hindu-hater, yellow journalist Rifat Jawaid.
    An initial enquiry is conducted before anyone is arrested.
    Jkr stop your bogus hate. You spread hate, communal tensions and division in India.

    • You seems to be a kattar Arnab/Modi/BJP bhakt. There is nothing wrong in the report. No action has been taken against Arnab. Its like some fay will pass and ppl will forget that this incident ever happened.

  2. If they take him to custody,his mere questioning”nation wants to know”why you have brought me here will bring the ceiling, surrounding walls crashing down and the police force and inmates in the cell will run to the ENT specialist.

    • Arnab goswami says.. That police in maharashtra does not want to know? So why all. Of us are shouting that the nation wants to know

  3. Probably RSS joker or indirectly accuse themselves, don’t know Abetment to sueside is cogniseble offence, when person named has to be arrested immidiatly, so can not destroy evidences. But unlawfull people start talking law once are in soup themselves.

  4. When sudhir chaudhary of zee news can roam freely afterjindal scam.Then Arnab goswami also can live free life because he is BJPs hitman for opposition.Like a dog he barks in his show . This stupid journalist doesn’t allow anyone to speak on his show because he is mentally ill and greedy person . He pushes agenda of bjp on his channel.we feel shame to live in such country where anti national journalist are celebrated and paid hefty fees. These people take supari to defame opposition like they did for kejriwal. WINK is paid commentetor of bjp so he is talking about law. In our country there is different law for poor and rich.

  5. Rajeev Chandrasekhar was an Independent member of Rajya Sabha representing Karnataka from April 2006 to April 2012. In April 2012, he was re-elected to the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka for a second six-year term as an Independent member. He has advocated for governance reforms, institution building, Internet freedom, national security, welfare of the Armed Forces Personnel and sustainable city building of Bangalore and Karnataka.

    RC joined the BJP in 2018 and has hence resigned from the board of Republic TV and sold off his investment into it.

    Get your facts right JKR.. Just hating Arnab or the BJP won’t do…… Lol…

  6. Politicians are more dangerous than any other animal in the civilised society .people should maintain distance with police and politician.

  7. All the articles from this author has been against BJP, or Hindus. Looks to be unofficial mouthpiece of Congress.

    Congress can go to court rather than making these press statements on this issue. They won’t because there won’t be any substance in any of their claims.

    And this Congress ka reporter writes the same.

  8. I have long forgotten that a loudmouth called Arnab exists, so it does not matter if he is in or out. I would rather have elections on my plate. The fish in Machli was so good and too cheap. Some people like Rajdeep have all the luck.


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