Why doesn’t Swaraj Kaushal follow wife Sushma Swaraj on Twitter? His hilarious reply will make you laugh for sure


New Delhi: Sushma Swaraj and her husband Swaraj Kaushal have a great sense of humour. A hillarious tweet by the union minister’s husband will make you laugh for sure.

Sushma Swaraj

A Twitter user asked Kaushal – who is known for busting out hilarious one-liners on the micro-blogging website when he is in the mood – why he does not follow his wife who minister of external affairs.

Then came Kaushal’s interesting reply.


Kaushal was referring to the fact that his wife always has extended helping hands for Indians stranded abroad so many times.

Last year, somebody had asked Union Minister Swaraj why she does not follow her husband on Twitter, Kaushal jumped in to reply. “I have followed her for 45 years – Can’t change things now.” Married for 42 years but following Sushma Swaraj for 45? Go figure.

How active and loved person Sushma Swaraj is on Twitter can be gauged with the fact that people begin to wonder if she is good health if she is MIA for even a day.

Take a look at this tweet where this person reached out to Swaraj’s husband, asking if the minister was okay because she hadn’t tweeted that day.

No surprise. Kaushal again gave humour reply.


Last year, minister Swaraj tweeted a picture of her and her husband holding hands, after she bumped into him in Parliament.

Earlier, she had posted a romantic photograph of herself with her husband on their wedding day.

This tweet left Twitterati curious and this gentleman could not stop himself and asked Kaushal if he and Swaraj had had an ‘arranged marriage.’

Kaushal chose to reply and not be rude ensuring that his privacy is not revealed. So, this was what he had to say.


Similarly, someone asked Kaushal recently when he had last met his wife. See what did he say?


This quick and witty comment forced the Swarajs’ followers to praise their sense of humuour. One of them tweeted, “Must say! Both you and @SushmaSwaraj Ji have a great sense of humor. Must b lot of fun to be around you both”.

To which Kaushal replied:



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