While farmers are put behind bars, rich industrialists enjoy protection on defaulting loans: Varun Gandhi


BJP’s young MP from Sultanpur, Varun Gandhi, on Friday said that farmers in India were far from getting real freedom nearly 70 years after India’s independence.

Addressing kisan panchayats in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich, Gandhi said that while the big industrialists would go ‘unpunished’ even after defaulting on their crores of rupees worth loans, farmers in India were being put behind bars for non-payment of small loans.

“The farmers of the country have not gained real freedom even after six decades of independence…they are jailed for not clearing loans worth thousands of rupees whereas big industrialists go unpunished even without returning crores of rupees of loan,” Gandhi was quoted by news agency PTI.

He said that the laws were applied differently to people belonging to different classes adding that a farmer would be punished for not paying the loan of a small amount ‘such as Rs 50,000’ while a rich industrialist would continue to live a luxurious life despite having not paid his dues owed to banks.

Impressed by Gandhi’s speech, the enthusiastic farmers present in panchayats began to raise slogans demanding that he be projected the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate in the 2017 UP assembly elections.

Gandhi who held panchayats at Rampur, Dhobiyapur, Gaiaghat and Nanpara distributed monetary help of Rs. 2,500 each to the residents of Shivpur block who faced floods because of release of water from dams recently. Story First


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