When Uttar Pradesh’s lady DM threatened to send men to journalist’s wife, sister


Last week an 18-year-old boy was sent to jail and a newspaper reporter was sued because of an attempt to get a selfie with Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar District Magistrate, B Chandrakala.

Chandrakala directed the police to file a complaint against the teen earlier this week for allegedly trying to click a selfie with her.

The boy in question had gone to meet the DM with his village head on Tuesday and reportedly tried clicking a selfie against her desire.

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Later on, when a journalist called her to get her reaction, Chandrakala lost her cool and began to hurl insults to the journalist’s wife and sister.

She threatened the journalist, named Suman, to send some men who take photos of his wife and sister.

Unhappy over the journalist’s decision to seek her reaction, Chandrakala said, “Should I send few men to get your wife clicked? Have you lost all sense ? Don’t forget the humanity. Next time you try to seek my reaction, be prepared for some unknown men to reach your house to get your wife and sister clicked. I have men for this purpose.”

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She didn’t stop here. She continued with her incredibly insulting remarks for the journalist’s wife and sister while Suman kept asking his questions utmost composure and respect.

A visibly arrogant DM said, “You must have been born your mother and your father wouldn’t have given birth to you. If you ask one more question, then I will send men to your address tomorrow. Apna Pata batao (Give me your address.) Now let me see if you still have guts to question my decision. Shame on you man!”

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