When exactly is India insulted? MPs’ laughter in parliament, PM Modi’s silence on Vyapam or government’s apathy to dying farmers!


On Monday evening, #IndiaInsulted became the top twitter trend. No, it wasn’t because the Indian cricket team had suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a cricket minnows. It wasn’t also because an enemy country had cast aspersions on India’s integrity.

The reason was MPs’ loud laughter inside the parliament. Yes, a laughter that became a reason for the national insult.

For a change, Monday afternoon saw a brief calm in the Rajya Sabha, which has lately become a ground for scoring political points against each other.

Taking advantage of this unusual serenity in the Upper House of the parliament, the chairman Hamid Ansari decided to introduce the visiting dignitaries from Bhutan. After a brief introduction of India’s guests, the RS chairman said that he hoped “they (MPs from Bhutan) would be able to see and learn more about our parliamentary system.”

This led to a loud laughter in the parliament. Twittratis used this as excuse to vent their ire on Indian politicians. While some felt that Indian MPs had shamed India before the visiting foreign guests, others took it as a confession by Indian politicians that there was nothing to learn from them.

Soon it became free for all on twitter with different users using the hashtag to highlight what had insulted India.

User @monarchmeedas said the India was insulted when Prime Minister Modi travelled abroad but rarely visited farmers, affected by poor crops.

User @schodingersBFF felt that India’s insult for her was when people deemed actor Salman Khan as philanthropist but didn’t know who the Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi was.

For @RotduBhakt, India was insulted when the PM Modi did not speak even after the deaths of “50 people’ related to Vyapam scam.







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