When Asaram told female reporter, ‘sleep with me, you will have tension-free sleep’


A Jodhpur court on Wednesday sentenced the self-styled spiritual baba Asaram to life in jail until death for raping a minor. Two of his aides, Shilpi alias Sanchita Gupta and Sharatchandra were handed out 20 years each in jail.

Screenshot from sting video

Meanwhile, an old video of Asaram asking a female reporter to sleep with him has once again gone viral on social media platforms. The video in question was part of a sting operation carried out by news channel Aaj Tak in 2010.

As part of the undercover exercise, the Aaj Tak reporter had approached Asaram with a fake identity stating that she was an NRI and trying to escape the dragnet of the law enforcing agencies of America in some fraud cases.

The channel claimed that Asaram had absolutely no problem in providing shelter to a person, who had confessed to her crime. Asaram, the sting video alleged, had said, “You need not worry here. Even chief ministers come to me to bow their head. There is no need to worry.”

He then asked the girl to not share the purpose of her visit to anyone at the ashram adding that no one else needed to know about her issues except herself and baba. Asaram was, however, miffed when the female reporter refused to accompany him for a boatride in the rive in the evening.

The rapist baba then called the reporter on the roof the same evening, when Asaram he will make arrangement for the female reporter to get ‘good sleep.’ “So that you get good sleep, I will do something tonight.” He then went on to add, “You sleep with me…ok? You will have tension-free sleep.”

The channel claimed that its reporters fled from the ashram taking advantage of influx of Asaram’s followers who arrived at the ashram in the evening.


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