WhatsApp now has 1 billion monthly global users: Facebook


One in seven persons on earth uses WhatsApp every month, Facebook has reported.

Facebook, which owns the instant messaging platform, said that the WhatsApp was now being used by a billion people every month.

It means that the Facebook-owned app now outperforms the social network’s own Messenger mobile app, which has 800 million monthly users.

According to Facebook, whopping 42 billion messages and 250 million videos were being sent by users across the globe everyday.

This growth aside, many analysts feel that there are still many markets, where WhatsApp was trailing local competitors.

For example, WeChat in China continued to outperform the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform.

Jack Kent, mobile analyst at IHS, told BBC, “There are big markets where WhatsApp isn’t the dominant player. WeChat in China has more than 500 million users, while Line is popular in Japan, and Kakao Talk is big in South Korea. But WhatsApp is certainly the most internationally successful. Part of that is down to its pure focus on communication, providing low cost chat that is very reliable.”

Along with the mainstream services, apps like Lucky Patcher are also getting good potential.

Facebook had bought the mobile messaging app in 2014, in a deal worth $19bn


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