What Dhoti wearing pandits know, even NASA scientists don’t: Rajnath Singh


Union home minister, Rajnath Singh said on Friday that India’s ‘dhoti wearing pandits had better knowledge of space science than the America’s NASA scientists.

At a student function in Delhi college, Singh said, “USA’s NASA can make the prediction that after a month, solar and lunar eclipse will happen at this time… the media says America has such advanced technology, it is predicted one and-a-half years, two years ago. I can say with confidence that if you go to the dhoti-wearing pandit in the neighbourhood, he will pull out the ‘panchang’ and tell you when the lunar and solar eclipses happened 100 years ago and when they will happen 100 years later.”

Singh was reportedly speaking on the value of Indian education. In his half-hour-long speech, the union home minister told students that ‘Dil Maange More’ culture was not Indian ‘sanskaar(values)’ adding that India needed a ‘comprehensive change’ in the country’s education system.

He told students that Rishi Badhongan and not Pythagoras was responsible for the origin of Pythagoras theorem.

“Children, I can give you an example, but I don’t want to take you too far, so you can verify it later… Hundreds of years ago, there was a sage in India, Manish, who did work on quadratic equations… do you know about the Pythagoras theorem?… I want to say that Pythagoras did not create the theorem, and I have no qualms in saying that Pythagoras got information of this theory from Bharat… If anyone gave this theory, it was Rishi Bodhangan, that’s why it is called Bodhangan Praved,” he was quoted by Indian Express.

Singh said that ‘Bharat’ possessed all the fundamentals in its ‘pracheen granths’ (ancient texts) to make the country a ‘Jagatguru'(world leader) adding that students must decide between the ‘Western ‘dil maange more’ culture or Indian values.


  1. indian propoganda machinary latest victims:
    – Pythagoras of Samos
    – Werner Heisenberg
    – NASA

    some prominent name in the waiting list [not in any particular order]:
    – Archimedes
    – Erwin Schrodinger
    – Niels Bohr
    – Einstien
    – Louis de Broglie
    – Max Planck
    – Dijkstra
    – Ernst Rutherford
    – Sir Issac Newton

  2. we are baap of West so whatever he is stating is a fact…you need to know when weather will change…just put Mercury retro dates and whichever date you will get weather will change on those dates and it is from dhoti wale pandit and they don’t have big machinery like weather department..

      • Is it ? Okie what you need to say… Did not understand your idiotic moron thing. Did you check what i stated ?? No ,you are one of them who are ignorant and cannot verify the facts as you don’t have power to analyse and now social media gave you platform where you can release your frustration. So called hindu go and check first what I stated and then comment. Looser

        • In ancient India, people use to travel to other Galaxies. At that time there was only Bharat and these people brought rocks and built other continents. They also had potty recycle plants where potty was recycled to its original constituents. Like if they ate banana then their potty used to recycled into banana again.

          If you don’t believe me than use your power to analyse and check the facts in ancient granthas.

          • I think you had that recycled banana thats why shit in your brain, if shit is in mind then it stinks and only smells

    • If we are baap then how come we are ruled by outsiders from since invasion of Alexander? Scientist like Raman, J C Bose, Satyen Bose or Visweswariah all flourished during Raj era only. Swami Vivekananda was very much instrumental in forming of Indian Institute of Science alongwith JN Tata. If we are so advanced then why India is the biggest importer of war machinery?

      • there are more Indians than Raman, J C Bose, Satyen Bose or Visweswariah who contributed to science in ancient age simple search will verify this

      • I agree with your point, but we still have lot of talent and prosperity in India, but problem lies with us that we don’t believe in ourselves and totally depend on west for their approval, we are like Hanuman who doesn’t know what we are capable of…Our politicians have customised us to think in a certain way but if you see pattern from 2011 things have been starting to change in a positive manner…we have become self sufficient in space programmes and gradually we will prosperous in other areas as well.

        • If you find there is a change in positive direction then it s definitely most welcome. But it s a long way for scientists or technocrats to work freely and effectively in India. ‘Vote bank’ politics, vested interest is standing on the way.

  3. ये बात आज गलत हो सकती है लेकिन पहले ये बात सही थी… 5000…….साल पहले के पंडितों को भी ग्रहों की उपस्थिति और उनकी चाल की सटीक जानकारी थी ….

  4. The phenomen of deriving the latest scientific discoveries from religious texts is not confined to Hindus only. Many other religious preachers follow the same practice. However, these religious sages have never been able to make a discovery on their own!

  5. He is right !! close down those IIT’s they are producing those ignorant NASA and ISRO scientists. IF possible close all the NIT’s, REC’s IISC’s and those stupid engineering colleges, Sack all those stupid scientists in ISRO, Promote the Dhoti Pundits and give “Bharat Rathna” to them as they have landed in Mars already… By going to mars in the Space Craft they have been using for the past 2 lakh years !

    • For your information IITs contributed little if not zero for the advancement of science/our country. If you have any statistics on how many number of IIT graduates are in ISRO, BARC, DRDO, etc. provide us. In what ever state they are/whatever little they accomplished (these organizations) it is because of people from rest of the colleges/institutes in India.

  6. It was Baudhayan you idiot….And there are controversies if he actually proved it.
    Otherwise, we did have the calculation in some of the sutras. But even we dont know if it was Indian origin or came from Central Asia.

    • Baudhayana spelling mistake is reporter fault

      “if he actually proved it”


      “Baudhayana (print-only) – MacTutor History of Mathematics “

  7. such a douche….just put yourself out of the indian education system debate and appoint an advisor to yourself to gain some credible knowledge

  8. what is the point? Hindutva is the greatest? One day people will be tired of all this bullshit, and this DIL MANGE MORE culture better applies to politicians, DIL MANGE MORE POWER and CONTROL…if one is good, thats because he is good not because he is a hindu or any other religion for that matter, this analogy never did any good to humanity.

  9. “Guru” does not mean “leader” – just saying.

    Also, these politicians are twisting ancient knowledge and literature to push their agenda. People of the country should apply their own brains. They’re not the keepers of any faith, or any sanskriti – that’s not their job.

  10. But his PM is running after all westerner’s literally begging them to come to India & teach those Dhoti wearing pundits something useful.

  11. Tipu Sultan’s hand made missile, A fire cracker named rocket being prepared with some materials without heavy machinery can go beyond Kilometers. Scientists till now unable to predict Earth quake but our Dhoti’s can predict it before 48 hours only by watching the movement of cockroaches.What are the benefits we have by sending vehicles to moon and mars ? Are society or public benefited from mars mission ?


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