What Delhi Thinks About Swaraj Budget


After series of negotiations, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) finally came out with its budget which was hailed to an extent even by its critics.

The Rs 41,129-crore budget it presented in the Delhi Assembly on Thursday stays close to the party’s agenda for the common man and has enough for others not to cry foul. While it makes entertainment dearer, its emphasis on education and health sectors and skill development is likely to endear it to most sections, particularly its core voters.

Watch what Delhiites had to say about the budget.


  1. Just yesterday Kejriwal made a statement in the assembly during the budget session- to the effect that development is engineered by People and people are the greatest asset. Where as it is indicative of his vision and insight but one must realize that people must be physically, culturally and intellectually conditioned to become an element of national development. Centers of conditioning are the educational institutions. How a nation will perform in the next 50-100 years can be assessed by observing what goes on the educational institutions of a given nation. In India a “Good School” is very good in delinking Indians from their culture and heritage and create a good slave who is totally subservient to Angloamerican interest and culture. Working energetically to prop up such a slavish education system is like filling a leaky jar with water. Be it state or central Government should have the vision and courage to cahnge the content of education so that Indians are made to feel that they are in realty lion cubs who are being taught in “Good Schools” of India to remain shrouded in lamb skin .

  2. In the video those who are giving opinion on Arvind Kejriwal , actually deserve nothing. In every country some people are like them ( totally confused). Opinion should be taken from those who have some sense.

  3. Looking at the nature of coverage of the main stream media one finds that in the entire three million square kilometer country there is inadequacy in nearly all aspect of public life be it education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, security etc. etc. Since 1947 why every aspect of civic life is totally in shamble? who is responsible? what can be done to address these? what are the imminent danger that is facing the nation? Who are those elements propping up subversive elements? None of these lethal problems that are hanging over the nation like a sword is ever addressed. But there are talks about infighting among fourth rate personalities, cricket, film that is a tool for mobilizing public opinion on white supremacy and delinking Indians from India. It is this media that needs “Freedom of Press” and “Freedom of Expression”. When shall we see a parallel media appearing in the scene to make people conscious of their real rights and privileges and who are working to protect people’s interest and who are working in disguise to enslave common people?


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