Father abducts daughter’s boyfriend in Kolkata, arrested


In a sensational development, police in Kolkata have arrested a father for allegedly kidnapping and thrashing the boyfriend of his daughter.


According to media reports, the girl was suspicious of her boyfriend and followed him to see if he was cheating on her. The girl followed her boyfriend till Menoka cinema off Southern Avenue, where she decided to confront him. Eye witnesses said that this led to a verbal exchange between the two.

Soon, someone informed the girl’s father and told him about the scuffle involving his daughter and her boyfriend. Her father arrived in no time and asked both of them to sit inside his car.

He then allegedly took the boy, a class XI student, to his house and allegedly thrashed him and kept him confined inside his house. The father then called the boy’s mother to come and take her son while warning her to ‘behave’ in future.

The mother, according to reports, went straight to the police station and narrated the entire incident. The boy, according to The Telegraph, told the police that the man had assaulted him in front of his daughter before whisking him to their house, where he was confined in a room.

“A woman approached us saying her son had been abducted by the accused. She said the accused had asked her to turn up at his house, failing which he would beat her son up mercilessly,” an officer was quoted as saying.

“The mother called up her son but his cellphone kept ringing. After attempting several times, the accused answered the call and handed the phone to the boy.”

The man has reportedly told the police that he lost his temper because he could not see his daughter cry in public. The cops have booked him under the IPC sections 363 (kidnapping), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 352 (assault or use of criminal force). He’s already out on bail, but if convicted, he could face seven years in jail.



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