Water emergency in Delhi, govt shuts down schools on Monday


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that Delhi was facing an emergency like situation due to water crisis.

He said that the water supply from Munak canal Delhi had been stopped for last two days.

This, according to him has caused a huge water crisis in Delhi.

He said, ” We have all seven plants working. I even spoke to Rajnath Singh yesterday on this matter. We’vWater is almost over in Delhi. There’s no water.

“We’ve now decided that other than President, Prime Minister, hospitals and fire brigade Defence Installations, Chief Justice of India, we will have to share water among people of Delhi equally.”

He said that his residence and office will also come under water rationing.

Kejriwal said that the schools, both private and government, will be shut on Monday adding that the water rationing will apply to him too.

Keeping the crisis in mind, Delhi government on Saturday moved Supreme Court, which will hear the matter on Sunday (today).

The Chief Minister said all the water treatment plants have been shut and even if Haryana releases water today it will take at least 24 hours more to restore the supply.

“There is very little water as it is not coming from there (canal). All the water treatment plants are closed and whatever water is stored in reservoirs is being supplied through the tankers,” he said.

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